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Ouch. I hope someone makes a mix tape of all the ball fakes Rose bit on tonight.

Miller shot 34 percent from the field! Rose wasn't great on D tonight, but I don't think anyone made him look silly. He still finished with 26 points on 11 of 19 shooting. He was knocking down the midrange J all day, too.

Why does my guy Tyrus only play well against the 6ers? He was a monster on the boards tonight, and while he still had a few boneheaded mistakes, they didn't end up killing the Bulls like they usually do.

I know Iggy finished with good numbers, but I wasn't all that impressed by him today. And what was with that last play call at the end of regulation? AI isn't the type of player you call just call isolation for at the end of the game and expect him to end it.

I have less of a problem with the isolation for Iggy than I do with a friggin' three from Miller as the last shot. It also would've been nice to see Brand get the ball every once in a while down the stretch.

Rose was impressive, but Miller abused him in the 4th and OT. Ugly game all around to be honest. Tyrus is garbage.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 3 at 7:42

I have big problems with isos for Iggy. It would seem to me that if you want anyone on this team to be taking mid-range jump shots for the win, it would be Thad. He makes his shots, and he's good at creating space between himself and the defender.

Thad wasn't getting the ball in any situation last night, he was horrid from the floor. At some point, maybe he'll be the guy w/ the ball in his hands.

Last night, I wanted to see Brand get the shot for the win, but that's hard to do in that situation. You don't want to leave any time on the clock and getting the ball in to the post w/ enough time for him to do some work but not too much time so they get the ball back isn't easy.

Iggy had the ball in that situation at least once last year, he sunk the shot against Memphis.

Iggy played a great game BUT...if your go to game winning play is going to be Iguodola on an ISO then you are going to lose a lot of games. Everyone knows hes going to drive and hes not THAT great of a passer to always find the open man when the defense collapses. If he had a pull up jumper then by all means ISO him...Sixers have a problem in this area...they have no closer..(even if brand were that guy you still have to get him the ball.) I guess they are making due with what they have...I hope they can trade Sammy for a SG...

I have a feeling that might be in the works.

Something big is going to happen with this roster soon. I can feel it.

I read somewhere that Ed Stefanski was supposed to have a super-secret press conference today.

Max reply to Brian on Dec 3 at 18:13

Stefanski was on ESPN 950 here in philly. He was noticably coy talking about Dalembert and his play. Also seemed a proponent of Iggy at the 3 among other things. I think he is looking to deal sammy for a 2. I'll be on ESPN trade machine all night working this out.

I dont think that Speights is getting enough credit. Him and Brand together was pretty Impressive I thought and Sammy/Brand together doesnt seem to be getting it done.

I also dont think that we are critical enough on Miller. Sure he took over in OT to win the game, but he also took 26 shots total only making 9, that is not good, Andre Miller should never be shooting that much. If he didnt catch fire at the end of the game, he probably would have been a 6 for 22. I credit a lot of the struggles on his shoulders. He needs to step up and get other guys involved and stop just taking it to the hole every time.

Last point, I believe in Lou. Looking at the stats Brian posted, when it was Speights/Lou, there was never a deficit, we always came out either even or on top. Now, this could completly be dumb luck but there might be something to this. I think Lou still has a way to go, but he needs to get a more key role in the offense for this team to be successful.

26 shots is about 13 too many, but you have to give the guy credit for winning the game and hitting the big shots in overtime.

Speights is the man folks - the best big man this roster has seen in a long time - his minutes total (even without over time) exceeded Ratliff/Dalembert combined - and Evans didn't play at all.

Let's not praise Andre Miller for gunning shall we? Any game where Andre Miller takes the most shots of any sixer isn't a game I'm fond of...this was an ugly painful game to watch, and wins are nice, but at the moment wins and losses are irrelevant to me, it's watching how the team is playing and Miller is just shooting too damn much.

Young was horrible last night but hopefully he'll get better - Iguodalas stat line was nice but as someone smarter than me pointed out - his shots were ugly last night

His shots are ugly most every night, he just hit a higher percentage of the ugly shots last year.

You may be right that its a sin Willie Green saw 40 minutes, but hey, we won right?
For a while I thought Sammy was really causing alot of trouble for the offense (because he so often looks confused), and I'm glad to see Speights getting more clock but looking at the numbers over the past few games I think its really the lack of a solid shooter thats killing us. Practically all of our vets are having the worst shooting years of their careers but one guy is having the best shooting year of his career, Willie Green. So maybe we need him more than we think right now.

Willie Green is the definition of streaky, he's hot right now, but he'll go cold, he has before he will again.

The problem is Mo will keep riding him as opposed to realizing Willies no good except when he's hot

Willie's shooting 37.5% from the floor over his last 6 games. I think his hot streak is over.

He is still shooting the 3 well, though. 40% from three over the past 8 games.

All that talk about Speights eventually becoming the starting center sometime in the future look to be on point. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

I do have one problem though, Sammy D is on my fantasy team. Why oh why oh why did I draft him. *slamming head onto desk*

I'll be at the game tonight, this Lakers team frightens me though, so I don't have high hopes.

Pick up Sp8s as insurance.

Have fun at the game, leave a comment after, let us know how the crowd was.

tonights game will get ugly. Lakers blew a 15 point lead last night. I fuly expect the Lakers to humiliate the sixers in every aspect of the game just like the Celtics did...
Unlike the Sixers, the Lakers have a closer and if its not a full on blowout you will see just how important it is to have a guy like that...
I hope a trade is in the works for a lights out SG...maybe the nets would do a dalembert/Green move for Carter...not sure if that works cap wise but I would be willing to see him in a sixers uniform for a few years.

Seriously - when people make trade proposals I have to wonder what they're thinking

Vince Carter for Sam Dalembert and Willie Green even if it worked cap wise - the nets are over loaded with young big men with more upside than Sam Dalembert could ever hope to achieve and willie green stinks.

And since vinces contract has a waived/buyout clause in its last year the contracts aren't even shorter.

So the nets lose in talent and they gain nothing really in terms of contracts

So why do the nets make that deal?


I can't believe you are saying that Willie did nothing down the stretch. I thought his D on Ben Gordon was nothing short of flawless in the 4th and OT. I don't know exact numbers or stats but he pretty much put the clamps on him and prevented him from going off unlike the Sunday game when Ben got anything he wanted. His defense, while unsung, was huge if you think about it.

While I am not on the 'fire Mo' bandwagon, if at the end of regulation he was going to call an ISO for Iguodala with Miller going straight to the corner after inbounding, why wouldn't you put in Rush or Lou or Thad in that situation in case Iguodala could not take his man (which he didn't) and had to dish for the shot. Any of those three certainly would have a better chance at knocking down the long range jumper besides Miller. Miller's only job was to inbound the ball and get out of the way and draw a defender, so why not let someone else with a better shot come in in that situation.

Gordon's shot was off, I'm not sure how much Willie's D had to do with it, but if you want to give him some credit I won't yell at you :)

As for he last play of regulation, that's an excellent point. If you put Rush or Thad in either they're going to be shooting that three, which is a much higher percentage to Miller, or their man won't leave them to help and Iggy can get all the way to the cup.

Someone needs to explain the offense/defense substitution theory to Mo.

Bryon reply to Brian on Dec 3 at 17:29

Man, somehow they overlooked your resume' in the offseason before hiring Jeff Ruland :) in reference to the offense/defense theory.

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