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Of your matchups up top, I'm hoping Speights can play Bynum to a draw (or at least not get killed). Unlike Sammy, Speights can at least force Bynum to guard him. I think Brand can muscle Gasol around so I think we are good there.

Kobe is a huge problem. If he is 'hot', then nobody is going to stop him. I'm not sure who'd be the better matchup for him, Iggy or Thad. If Thad has an off night shooting, it seems he plays D a lot harder. Thad has been caught cheating off his man more this year too. When he played PF he had so much of an advantage athletically he was able to recover. Not so anymore as he's having to handle the uberathletes or someone like Ray Allen, who only needs a sliver of daylight to make the shot. Iggy is more consistent now even though he doesn't seem to defend like his rookie year either. You see a lot of the guys, once they are established either ignore or scale back on D. Of all the attributes of Michael Jordan, the one I respected the most was no matter how much he was scoring he'd always put everything he had into shutting his man down.

If they were sitting Thad a lot of minutes last game because he was shooting poorly, I'd have rather put in Rush than Green.

Bryon reply to Chris on Dec 3 at 18:24

Ironically, Green earned those minutes because of his shutting down of his man last night in Gordon. He was denying him at every opportunity and if Gordon got a half step on Willie he moved his feet nicely to recover without reaching.

The Lakers are really good. The Sixers can't compete with them. I think the Sixers would win 1 in about 8 games normally. With the Lakers coming off THAT LOSS, I say 1 in 20.

Nice to see Mo go back to predictable

Sam and Thad go out - Theo and Willie come in

Both Sam and Thad were playing well when Mo took them out. From that point on the bottom fell out. Most disappointing stretch of the game, and so predictable.

I voted to live blog this... mostly because i can't watch the game. I wish you did.

Andre Miller is back to shooting like crazy. 18 shots midway in the 3rd. And can't he find some more minutes for Speights (only 3 so far)?

Joe reply to Chris on Dec 3 at 21:34

Well wasn't Miller only shooting lay ups, many of which weren't contested too badly. I don't think you want Miller taking a ton of shots, but can you fault him for shooting so many lay ups?

And Speights' numbers were brutally bad.... like Willie and Lou. Lou pumped them up late, btu he was surely a poison early.

Mo is probably on his way out soon.

Chris reply to Joe on Dec 3 at 21:52

Miller did get some layups and shot a decent percentage but the thing is, when he's taking a lot of shots, it takes away shots for the other guys. If his name isn't Chris Paul, I'd prefer our PG to shoot less than 15 times a game, run the offense and get better than 8 assists.

Speights was bad when he was in. But in the middle of the 3rd he hadn't had many of his fouls or misses yet. For that matter, most of the Sixers had a lot of fouls on them today.

As a person was a class act or as a player Mo was great. Last year, he seemed to be a good motivator for that team. But this year, with this team, he seems in over his head. The parts aren't coming together.

Individually, these guys are talented, more talented than they've been showing. I know they don't call plays for Thad, but the way things are going it doesn't look like they call plays for the others either, as they seem lost or stand around while someone pounds the ball. Last year, they were one of the best defensive teams by the end of the year. Now, they've added Brand, who is a better than average defender and suddenly even the Bobcats can score on them easily.

Max reply to Joe on Dec 3 at 22:48

Agreed on all points. Mo may have to go, there are too many trade options with all the bad contracts, so it'll be hard to move players. Are the players really sniping at each other? Is anyone noticing this?

I didn't notice much of it tonight, last night EB was pissed at Sammy.

John reply to Brian on Dec 4 at 11:16

Those are the two that Thompson commented on when Sam (for the 1 billionth time, without hyperbole of course) failed to rotate properly defensively.

I don't think Elton realized he'd miss the defense of a guy like Chris Kaman :)

Miller took Brand's shots tonight, because Brand was playing like crap and then got hurt. Miller played an excellent game tonight.

yet ANOTHER announcer, michael thompson, points out that the sixers are snipeing at each other and man i've never seen a team look so apathetic

Lakers shot 58+% from the field. You aren't going to beat many teams when you let them shoot like that. It seems every time they did miss they drew a foul.

I didn't expect the Sixers to win but I was hoping for a better showing. I don't think this team is devoid of talent but it is looking like they individually just don't mesh.

The Lakers are an offensive juggernaut, 114 points wasn't exactly unexpected. The fact that the Sixers scored 102 was actually a pleasant surprise.

Toronto just fired their coach...I think Mo is next.

John reply to Gdog on Dec 3 at 23:36

I've given up thinking Mo is going to get fired, I've been waiting and expecting it for too long

It's very possible, but it's not going to happen after a loss to the Lakers or the Pistons. If they lose to NJ on Saturday, and look bad doing it, Mo might be fired when they have three off days before playing the Cavs.

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