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Sammy showed glimpses, what else is new he’s been showing them for years he’s never going to put it together consistently. He’s got ADHD or some sh*t, hopefully some GM will think a change will do him good and take a flyer on him.

Ivey, Green, Speights, Dalembert, and Iggy on the floor at the same time???

“Here come the black shirts”.
Team X is “front running”
Locks all windows and doors…
Taken on down to the weight room!
Picking up some loose change.
Taking on all comers!
Marc Zumoff sucks.

It's so rare that I get Zumoff and Salmi on League Pass that he doesn't annoy me. I can see how he would if I was exposed to him more. I like Salmi.

As for Sammy, we have to mention it when he plays well, right?

lol...I'm not a fan of Zumoff either and his ghey one liners...
I hope Brand isnt out. Then it would give the Sixers an excuse for sucking when the truth is they suck with or without him and changes need to be made.

Here's the funny thing, I thought they played better against the Lakers than they did the night before against the Bulls. Maybe they're starting to get it together? Making progress?

I noticed that Mo (Ed?) made a concerted effort to play Iggy at the 3. And, I must say, it made a huge difference, didn't it? He looked like crap against the Bulls, but pretty darn decent against the Lakers. I think his minutes at small forward were the key.

Aaron reply to Bart on Dec 4 at 11:05

I thought a big reason we saw Iggy at the 3 was because we wanted Thad to guard Kobe, I personally thought Thad would be able to guard him better. Did anyone see that play where Thad took the charge and they called a blocking foul on him? When we played Boston Paul Pierce took two charges just like that and they were called charges, of course that was in Boston, and it was Boston.

The past two games he's played more minutes at the the 3 than the 2. His shooting numbers in that time:

20/35 from the floor, 57%.

I thought Miller did exactly what was necessary facing a team with a player like Kobe. Basically whenever Kobe scored, Miller took it right to the hole and scored. He was matching him point for point in the first half.

What I cant understand is this. Miller understood that they werent getting ball movement and therefore no open jump shots. There were gaps and he was able to get inside. Why wasnt he able to communicate that to the rest of the team? Or why wasnt Mo able to communicate that. Nobody moved around at all, they just stood there while whomever had the ball took it to the hole, there needs to be movement, stop just standing around.

I think a lineup of Ivey, Iggy, Rush, Thad, Sam once Brand wasnt playing would have done well against them, go small with players that can stretch the floor.

Rush is firmly planted in the doghouse, I'm not really sure why.

AllphillySports on Dec 4 at 11:12

The sixers will be fine
i don't know what is going with rush,not getting time. His he in the doghouse with MO

Why - why will they be fine? Belief doesn't do it 'having faith' doesn't do it - this is a team playing like bloody arse, snipeing at each other on the floor, they look apathetic and disinterested (this has been mentioned by MULTIPLE announcers from other teams, the advantage of watching sixer games from california)...the coach has the same befuddlement issues the coach has always had. The PG/PF suck when they are on the same team, as they did when they were in Los Angeles...the new star PF is shooting a career low FG% and the over rated PG thinks he needs to be the primary shooter on the team...the over paid center is still a clueless feckless idiot who whines when he's benched for his poor play.

"THe Sixers will be fine" - if you mean that they'll still play 82 games, be mediocre and be lucky to win one game in the playoffs, then sure they'll be fine, but don't bury your head in the sand and ignore the issues with pointless polyana platitudes...that's not fandom that's just rah rah cheerleader stuff

anyone wonder if all the play Speights got the other night was a wake up call for Sammy and/or a test to see if they can make do without him?

I am still very skeptical Iggy is ever going to be a 2, seems like Thad has a purer jump shot than he does, but not sure Thad can play back there, either, of course.

I wonder if Eddie is thinking that Thad is most valuable trade commodity (because of contract) in a package with Sammy for a Center and a pure 2. I'd hate to see him go but he's more marketable than Iggy is now.....

I really, really hope they don't trade Thad.

AllphillySports on Dec 4 at 12:29

i don't have a case of negadelphia like most of you.philly fans do the same thing over and over.it's not the end of the world for me,if they don't make the playoff.fans dogged the Phillies all year and then they won the championship.Do you think telling players they suck,will make them play better.do you do that with your wife or kids.we do live off hope and faith,because you nor I don't play Pro sports,so we hope they win.

There's a balance to be struck in there somewhere, unfortunately it's hard to find sometimes. I want to believe this team will figure things out, most of me does, but you can't just ignore what we've seen on the court.

I definitely think it's too early to say things like Brand and Miller can't play together and Iguodala sucks, but at the same time suggesting possible changes, or even calling for them feels appropriate to me at this point.

Things were supposed to be better this season, they haven't been so far. As crazy fans we're trying to find a way to make it work, just like the coaches, players and GM are. I haven't seen a lot of negadelphia comments here, mainly just guys with questions who care about this team, mostly legitimate questions.

AllphillySports reply to Brian on Dec 4 at 13:57

i'm just concern with the get rid of people mindset from sports fan. I can say that your Blog is tight and i'm happy that i have found it. you have alot to say about things that i don't know about.i'm from Philly,moved to colorado 8 years ago.when AI got traded ,people was lamenting,instead of seeing how he was killing the sixers.people said that he would do better with better talents. i guess that trade worked out well for the nuggets.because he has being traded again.maybe the people that are tripping about sports are the ones that are betting on the games and losing alot of money.i use to get caught up in my philly teams ,i would have a bad attitude toward people,because they lost.and i wasn't even betting on games.i have stopped listening to WIP610 in philly since we lost to Redskins,early in the season,because negadelphia was growing in me. that is just my take on our fans.

AMEN! (on the get rid of people)

Too much of a quick trigger mentality and reaction in sports in general.

It befuddles me how some can say "I hate Iguodala etc." Like you said, get your behind out there and do a better job. I support and I am behind every player on this roster whether they have bad games or not, the bad stretches are going to happen.

Everyone is so caught up in the next best trade or the next up and coming star. I yearn to think about Thad's future potential but there is a good reason he is not called on right now for this team. Same thing for Sp8's, let him start a few games like most are calling for and watch him get abused trying to defend some of these guys. They will be begging for Sammy to come back. While these 2 guys will be franchise staples for years to come, they simply are not ready for the night in and night out right now. It's something very simple called maturation.

allPhilly your missing the point here. Guys here are FANS of the team...were saying they suck because we are disapointed/frustrated with what was supposed to be a deep playoff team turn out to be a lottery team and we all want to understand why. All of the posts arent..."the sixers suck", "iguodola sux" etc...
If you followed this blog a lot you would have seen a lot of intelligent conversation and enthusiasm for the team. The fact that they are really underperforming is frustrating for fans who follow them closely. Obviously lifes rules dont apply to how we root for a sports team...and if our wives burn dinner we dont scream "you suck ! FOCUS !"
Keep it in perspective...

AllphillySports reply to gdog on Dec 4 at 16:39

If you can play better than Iggy, then try out for the Sixers next year.
Am I missing all the point or the point that you’re trying to make. There’s no bigger fan in the world than I. it’s when we start to degrade people, that’s when I say it's not right. People have put a high expectation on the team. Chemistry still has to develop, between each player and the coaching staff; they brought in a new guy (brand), which they have to get to now. Just be patient that is all I’m saying.

Stefanski said to Dee Lynam that Sammy WOULD play more minutes in the interview before the game, sure sounds like he pulling a lot of the strings.

I think that's good news for the team, potentially dangerous news for Mo.

My sentiments exactly Brian it seems like a trend, firing coaches early this season.

Terry reply to Terry on Dec 4 at 14:07

I’m testing this, not talking to myself.

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