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good idea Brian. Let me know if you ever need a guest writer on the Eagles blog.

PhillyFriar on Dec 4 at 21:25

The new design looks great, Brian, and I think it'll probably work out best to keep the different blogs focused on one team. And maybe this will spark some change, for the better, from our Sixers?

I'm always looking to change the Sixers' luck. I'll tell you when something actually works.

Ken Rudolph on Dec 4 at 21:43

Brian love the format of the site. . .Would definitely be interested in covering the Birds, helping out when i can and offering whatever knowledge i have. I know more than G.Cobb. . .

Sixers -- problem really is the overall roster management by the front office. They had to know that Ig was not worth the large sum of money, he definitely is not a 2 guard in this league. T. Young has much more upside that Ig at the 3.

Then you've also got the Sammy D, night mare. . . cost benefit analysis reveals = not much. Thought he'd benefit from the addition of Brand; however, its become obvious this team is more consistent if M.Speights is on the floor for about 15 minutes and Theo plays about 12

Man, I couldn't disagree more with every single thing you said. You managed to bring up all the non-problems that I see.

Any problem with the Sixer has to mention Lou WIlliams and Willie Green. It just has to. They are the elephants in the room.

AllPhillysports on Dec 5 at 2:36


Alex K. on Dec 5 at 12:41

Looks great!

Are all of the pages getting facelifts? I know the software is going to change up...just wondering. If not, I have a few designs in mind.

Minor changes for the relaunch on Monday, then we'll go back and add the new functionality and possibly a new look.

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