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Theo starting WITH Dalembert... I think I would lose all remaining patience with Mo at that exact moment.

Remember the fits Reggie caused in a couple games against the Pistons last year? I think Reggie starting would be a darkhorse lineup. Thad would have some problems with Maxiell and Amir I would think.

Good call, honestly I forgot Reggie was even on the team.

Yeah why haven't we been playing Reggie more? Obviously Speights is the first big man off the bench but then I think it should be split between Reggie and Ratliff.

I have an odd feeling about this one, either we will get blown out of town or we could sneak up on the Pistons.

I'm predicting a win. I'll have a pretty lengthy preview up tomorrow.

I vote Speights. Of course, a Theo / Reggie bench experience would be awful offensively. Thoughts on a small lineup off the bench - Reggie (or Theo) w/ Marshall/Rush/Green/Lou? The darkhorse lineup would leave a more offensive-minded bench, but do you really sacrifice the starters for the bench?

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