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Great stuff Brian. Makes me wonder what Dalembert's future with the team is.

Can't the Sixers do this every night with a lineup of?:

SG-Lou or *gulp* Willie Green

There's no doubt, Sam shows stretches of outstanding rebounding and defense, but I wouldn't be heart-broken if Ed found a way to ship his Low Basketball-IQ, out of place, overpaid self out of Philly for a shooter and/or another point guard.

Right now, I don't know how much of a market there is for him, especially with that contract. I've looked around for bad contracts they could take back for him, and there just aren't many that fit. Crawford matches up pretty well, but G.S. doesn't need him.

I'll take a closer look. It's a shame his contract doesn't end after next season, those are the contracts everyone seems to want.

As for your short-term question, I'd consider it if this was the Lou Williams we'd be seeing every night. I need to see it for more than one game before I'd feel comfortable making the move. I don't want Willie starting, he's completely reverted back to the Willie we all know and hate.

Donyell definitely earned his minutes tonight. You know what, if given the chance, Rush may just come through like that as well. Stefanski brought these guys in for a reason, not to just fill out the bench.

Tray reply to Brian on Dec 6 at 5:16

I would consider it if Brand weren't 6'8. There are limits to how small a lineup you can get away with.


Donyell needs more minutes.

Great win!
Iggy committing the stupid ass foul at the end is revealing.

It was good to see the ....."Grey Beards".....(Marshall, Theo) contribute. Theo getting....."a piece of the rock".... was sweet. Sorry, I just CAN'T STAND, Zumoff.

JoshG reply to Terry on Dec 6 at 9:36

Zumoff is the man, Salami on the other hand, is an idiot.

Tray reply to JoshG on Dec 6 at 16:29

I mean, Salmi has more insight to offer than Steve Mix did.

Erm, it looks like it was Rip Hamilton rather than Stuckey that came over late to contest Marshall's trey.

You are correct.

All those mismatches they could of exploited, that's on Mo. The coach is the one directing the plays from the sidelines. Miller may be able to force some of that too but not all the time.

I like the fact that over the past two games Marshall has got some burn, he has shown that he can be a contributor on this team at times.

Louis Williams seems to have improved as well. Our bench players need to find some groove or it will be a long and painful season.

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