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Brian, I will once again make a plea that you keep your Eagle and Yankee coverage!!!!! You're the best!

You're not the only one who's taken the bait and gotten all excited that our season is still alive. I just worry that next week could be a stake in the heart...

But think of it.... there was no pressure on the Eagles in this game. No one in their right minds (except us Eagle fans, and I'm sure a lot of them thought this was a loss) expected a win against the Giants. They didn't have the home crowd to worry about booing them, so what did they have to lose?

We've beaten the best of the NFC and AFC now, yet we tie (which for practical purposes, is a loss) the lowly Bengals with a third string QB?! Next week's MNF game against Cleveland could sneak up on us. We could take it for granted that it's a win, look ahead, and get caught with our pants down. And what a maddening way to destroy our confidence and season that would be!

So let's not screw with anything here. Let's do all the same things we did this week. Let's keep Westbrook fresh and not practice him. Let's keep the playcalling balanced and in Marty's hands. And let's treat the Browns like they're the Giants and not shoot ourselves in the foot (or thigh).

If you have a lucky shirt/jersey/beer mug/hat or pair of socks, WEAR THEM! I'm more worried about next week's game than I was before this one. Let's all stay focused and hope the Eagles do the same.


I'll still be writing about the Yanks and Eagles, I'll just be doing it on a different blog. I'll explain in more detail as soon as the new blogs are launched (hopefully late tonight).

gdog2004 on Dec 7 at 20:03

That was an awesome win. This win made my friggin week !
If the Eagles are capable of running the ball LIKE THIS against a top run defense then PLEASE continue. Run the ball...keep Mcnabbs throws to short underneath stuff and let the defense stay fresh. Now you can see what our defense can do when it can rest and not be on the field the whole game 3 plays made this game to me...the 2 consecutive individual effort plays for first downs by ...LJ Smith ?!? and the dropped pass by the giants in the 2nd quarter I think that was a surefire touchdown. And to top it all off the Cowboys blew it against the Steelers !!!
Now I will be rooting like hell for Baltimore to knock off the Skins.

Ken Rudolph on Dec 7 at 20:56

Playoff Implications, if my math is correct. . .the cowboys lose today coupled with the Saints win means the following: An Atlanta loss (any of the 3 games) and the Eagles would control their own destiny (meaning they have to win out and they are in).

Someone can check my math, but the outcome of the Redskins v. Ravens game would only mean something if opponents strength of schedule came into the evaluation.

Today's game came down to a simple concept. Eli Manning was never convertible and this can be credited to the Eagles D's ability to put the Giants in 3rd and long situations all day.

Eli traditionally relied on Plaxico Burress whenever he needed a big reception. Check the stats, Plaxico usually was the guy Gillbride dialed up if the Giants were in 3rd and long situations. Today, Eli didn't have that luxury. . .and while he had plenty of time, he was never truly comfortable when he needed to complete a pass.

Give the Defense credit, they answered Jim Johnson's call to each individually play better football.

This game just confirms my belief that despite knowing better, I'm a sucker. I'm hooked. The Eagles have me believing they'll do it. That's when they usually lay an egg and crush my hopes.

jerseydre on Dec 8 at 16:04

Great call on that drive of the game thing. I totally agree. That drive completely proves the teory that the run sets up the pass. And not the other way around. I hope Andy had the "Lightbulb over head" moment. If they deviate even a slight bit from the gameplan of the last two games then we can kiss playoffs goodbye. I want to see 60/40 run/pass ratio. Buckhalter comes back this week so I want him to get 10-15 of those runs that Westy got. Eagles can very well run the table.

Eagles do have a tendency to make you swallow your heart. I hate that about them. But Andy always gets the team to play killer football in december. Lets hope that trend continues.

Great blog BTW!!! glad I found it. Keep up the good work.

gdog2004 on Dec 8 at 18:57

lets not forget the other key to this game...Donovan running the ball himself. All he needs to do is do that 4-5 times a game to open things up for the wideouts. Stop trying to prove your a super accurate pocket passer...you cant pass with the accuracy of Joe Montana and never will be able to...and he could never run like you...play to your strengths.

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