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pokerstar17 on Jan 10 at 1:33

As delusional as the depressed fan is about the eagles and sixers, he is 100% right about donnie baseball. Growing up watching mattingly hit and play defense he was the best hitter in the game for many years and the best first baseman in the majors for about 14 years, he was an extra base hit machine and also hit for average and his gold glove was a given every year.. why does he not get more respect for his career is beyond me , no one accounts for his bad back that took many good years off his career and cost him a first ballot hall of fame bid with out a doubt , As beloved as Jeter is now he can never compare to the way yankee fans felt about donnie he was a god to us. Sadly he only saw one post season in which he had a terrible season in his last year because of his back , but put up monster MVP numbers in the playoffs. As much as he hurt he proved to be mr clutch , hitting one of the most memorable home runs i can think of. His post season was cut short thanx to a choke job by jack mcdowell. No one deserved a ring more than donnie , he didt get one but he certantly deserves to be in the hall of fame for all he gave to baseall .. WAKE UP VOTERS .. VOTE FOR DONNIE!!

brandon on Jan 10 at 7:21

The HOF is a joke. There should only be about 40 players in there. You are exactly right about the sports writers. They are a disgrace. And I'm sorry, but Tony Gwynn is just a fat bastard and shouldn't be voted into anything except maybe an all-you-can-eat buffet. Gwynn was considered a god in the NL, and that should tell you all you need to know about the league. It is the weakest league in professional sports. Only they would love a guy who squeaks nine-hoppers through the gaps and want to put him in the HOF.

Gwynn was probably the best pure hitter of our time, no matter which league he was in. He belongs. Ripken's only in because of that stupid, selfish streak.

Mattingly will never get in -- he doesn't have the 3,000 hits or the .330 lifetime average or the 400 homers everyone wants to see. And his 1986 season was better than '85: .352, 238 hits, 53 doubles, 31 HRs and 113 RBI. Very sad . . .


I bet you think Piazza should get in. Come out of the closet and admit you're a Mets fan.

I won't even dignify that with a response . . .

brandon on Jan 11 at 7:02

He's the best hitting catcher of all time...also the worst fielding catcher of all time.

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