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Alright, I'll bite. Why are panes of glass rejoicing? Do fastballs break windows everywhere or something? That reference flew over my head, and I'm sure I'll feel stupid when you tell me what you mean, but... I'm lost.

But I bet you the two starting catchers' hands have never felt this good after any game in MLB history!

Neither pitcher throws hard enough to break a pane of glass.

It's a baseball expression, probably an old one, my dad used to say it all the time, usually when Jimmy Key was pitching.

Never heard it before. Maybe it's a Philly thing? Or I might be stupid, like I said.

Speaking of sort throwing lefties, the King: Jimmy Key. Damn, I was going to reference him in my Mark Redman post I was working on for tomorrow! I actually was just working on my draft now, and had already told my Jimmy Key story!

Short version: We were at the bar last Friday, and the Mets-Braves game was on, and Mark Redman was pitching... more to come.

You had me doubting myself, but it's widely known...

Looking forward to the Jimmy Key post, I have my fingers crossed that my first-born will be a soft-tossing lefty, guaranteed 20-year career in the bigs.

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