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Jun 21
1:23 AM

by Brian
Click for full story. This time last year - actually, even as recently as a couple of months ago - I was dreading July 1, 2011. The day the lockout would most likely begin. The owners, the players and David Stern have been on a collision course with a work stoppage for a couple of years now and my biggest fear was a lost season. Now, I'm literally counting the seconds until we can get this lockout started. I'm thinking of having a party.
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I have really weird timing...
May 13
12:00 AM

by Brian
Click for full story. There's a very, very good chance we're going to get locked out in a little over six weeks. By us, I mean the fans as well as the players. And by locked out, I mean we won't be able to fully dive into the offseason roster moves because (a) the teams won't be allowed to make any moves and (b) the framework for how moves will be made won't exist. I've given some thought to what we'll do around here if the lockout does happen. More on that and the owners' latest proposal to follow.
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