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Jan 6
11:47 AM

by Brian
Click for full story. At times, watching the Sixers' halfcourt offense can be painful. The movement isn't quite there, there's too much dribbling, not enough spacing. For long stretches, the Sixers can be forced to settle for long jumpers. The stretches are usually broken up by pretty drives, or maybe a nice screen-and-pop to Brand for a 13-foot jumper. But overall, the halfcourt offense seems to have gotten worse this season, despite the improved play of Jrue Holiday. Why?
Nov 9
12:39 PM

by Rich
Click for full story. Alright, now that the team is seven games in, we have a better idea of what Doug Collins was trying to install offensively in training camp with the so-called "cluster" offense. The phrase Brian has said a lot in his hopes for the team is "Good Basketball," which is the way I feel about the team too. I want to win, but only if guys like Jrue and Turner are making solid basketball plays and developing good habits. This is where the offense kicks in. In other words, Collins needs to do his best to put his guys in positions where they are comfortable making plays. So far, there have been ups and downs, but the team looks pretty good when they are actually running the plays.

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