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Nov 13
3:32 AM

by Brian
Click for full story. This Sixers team amazes me nearly every time they take the floor. They face such a monumental uphill battle against teams with any semblance of a frontcourt, yet somehow, they hang in there. Every couple of minutes I glance down at the score and expect to see them down by 20 points, but the deficit rarely grows larger than eight or nine. They fight, they rally, they slide back and they rally again. If Rod Thorn could only pull a seven-footer with a pulse out of his hat...well, let's save that for another day, we've got a loss to discuss for now.
Aug 30
12:00 AM

by Brian
Click for full story. Through the first two games of the World Championships, Kevn Love has grabbed 21 rebounds in 26 minutes of action. Completely insane numbers, no matter who Team USA is playing. After the jump, some sobering numbers and a quick question to start the week.
Nov 21
2:37 AM

by Brian
Click for full story. Nine made threes. Career game for Lou Williams and clearly his best of the year, on both ends. Elton Brand continues his resurgence in a big way, four more blocks, four more steals, 8/14 from the floor, 6/7 from the line. Only three made threes for Memphis. Still, somehow, a loss. The reason is clear as day, we'll explore after the jump.
Nov 9
12:08 AM

by Brian
Click for full story. At least a game like this makes it easy to point out where a team went wrong. Here's a hint, when you collect only 54% of the available defensive rebounds, you are not going to win. In fact, if you're playing even a halfway decent team, you're going to lose by about 30 points. If you're playing a team as bad as the Pistons, however, you only lose by 7.

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