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Sep 3
8:50 AM

by Brian
Click for full story. Earlier this summer, Royal stuck his toe in the free agent waters, but quickly realized he had a good thing in Philly. He opted out of his deal, only to re-sign with the Sixers for the minimum. It's his turn today in the Predicting 2010 series. Projections and analysis after the jump.
Aug 4
8:57 AM

by Brian
Click for full story. The Sixers reportedly brought Royal Ivey back for another year in Philly yesterday. Ivey opted out of the second year of a two-year deal earlier this summer. Details of the contract have not been released, but it'll probably be for around the minimum. Analysis, plus the Primoz Brezec rumor after the jump.
Jun 15
5:01 PM

by Brian
Click for full story. Royal Ivey has declined his player option for the upcoming season, he will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1st.
Feb 7
10:08 PM

by Brian
Click for full story. The bench was dreadful against the Pacers on Thursday. They very nearly cost the team a win against a sub-.500 team. Tonight, they made up for it by carrying the team to a win over Miami, who they're chasing in the playoff race.
Jan 20
3:45 PM

by Brian
Click for full story. It just so happens that the actual mid-way point of the season was yesterday's loss to the Mavericks. The good news, for us, is that we have four off days to take a look back and evaluate this team and its players over the first 41. Today, we'll take a look at the guards, tomorrow the wings, Thursday the bigs and then Friday we'll tackle the team as a whole.
Jan 19
7:33 PM

by Brian
Click for full story. Yes, their winning streak was snapped at seven games today when Dirk Nowitzki sank the dagger jumper at the buzzer pictured above, but that's not really the streak I care about. This winning streak began after the Sixers battled the Spurs and lost on a last-second prayer by Tony Parker, and now it's been brought to a halt by the same from Dirk Nowitzki. Both shots sting, but neither takes away from the quality basketball the Sixers are playing.
Jul 24
12:49 PM

by Brian
Click for full story. The Sixers added Royal (with cheese) Ivey to their bench today in what is believed to be a two-year deal for the veteran's minimum ($854,957 this year, $959,111 in '09-'10).Ivey isn't the shooter we've all been looking for, but he's...

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