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Jun 13
10:33 AM

by Rich
Click for full story. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo reported yesterday the Sixers interviewed San Antonio Spurs executive Danny Ferry over the weekend to discuss a president/general manager position. As if a potential front office shakeup isn't enough news, Woj also reported a deeper motive for all of the action. Namely, Thorn's departure from the President of Basketball Operations position is directly tied to Doug Collins' pleas for autonomy when it comes to player personnel.
Jun 3
1:59 AM

by Brian
Click for full story. Everywhere you turn. Every draft blog, every chat, every mock draft there's one common theme: The Sixers are going to do something unexpected with the number two pick. I guess you can't blame these guys, I mean, the Sixers are an easy target, but enough is enough.
Jan 31
12:00 PM

by Brian
Click for full story. The Iguodala rumors are heating up, there's talk the Cavs are still in the mix, someone floated the idea of the Clippers being interested. Apparently there may be a market for Lou Williams no as well. None of that matters in the least. Check after the jump for the only rumor that actually has me excited.
Jan 19
9:38 AM

by Brian
Click for full story. I missed this bit of news earlier in the season, mainly because he wasn't playing and had completely fallen off my radar, but here you go. The T-Wolves declined their team option on Rodney Carney back in October. Meaning, he's an unrestricted free agent after the season.
Jan 11
1:41 AM

by Brian
Click for full story. vs. I've read a couple of alarming things tonight about the Yankees' interest in Mike Cameron. At first, I thought they were "plan b" type of rumors, just in case the Yanks moved Melky in a Johan Santana deal,...
Nov 15
12:15 AM

by Brian
Click for full story. If you believe the reports, Alex Rodriguez will be signing with the Yanks. It looks like it'll be an incentive-laden 10 year deal worth at least $280 million, and Scott Boras has been involved. The PR moves by the Yanks...

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