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Jun 21
1:23 AM

by Brian
Click for full story. This time last year - actually, even as recently as a couple of months ago - I was dreading July 1, 2011. The day the lockout would most likely begin. The owners, the players and David Stern have been on a collision course with a work stoppage for a couple of years now and my biggest fear was a lost season. Now, I'm literally counting the seconds until we can get this lockout started. I'm thinking of having a party.
Latest comment: from GoSixers
I have really weird timing...
Jun 10
2:37 AM

by Rich
Click for full story. This past week, the Sixers have been a hot topic not only in Philadelphia, which is a stranger circumstance than an outsider would think. They have made news worthy of coverage from outlets such as ESPN, SI.com, CBS Sports, and many other places with a national audience. Too bad I'm more worried than ever about this team, much more than a month ago.
Jun 7
5:35 PM

by Brian
Click for full story. According to a report from The Deal Pipeline, Joshua Harris (pictured at right) is, in fact, leading a group of investors to buy the Sixers. The talks are ongoing but an announcement is expected within the next two to three weeks. A few more details to follow:

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