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Apr 7
10:10 AM

by Brian
Click for full story. Sam Hinkie, please don't let the door hit you on the way out and I'd appreciate it if you'd take the pitiful excuse for a roster you've "processed" with you. May you never work in the NBA again, and I wish nothing but the worst in your future of pilfering retirement funds, selling off companies for inventory and laying off hard-working people to squeeze out percentages from the companies you and your ilk chew up and spit out.
Jan 1
12:00 AM

by Brian
Click for full story. As we turn the calendar to 2015, unfortunately we can't turn back the clock and add some useful pieces to the Sixers current roster. If you're one of the hundreds still tuning into, or attending games, I applaud your sadistic streak. If you've decided to sit out this mess and maybe check back in if/when current leadership is ruining a different franchise, or they hit the jackpot with a pick, well, then you're probably a well-adjusted individual who's looking forward to 2015. One thing we can all agree on is the importance of a top-three pick in this summer's draft.
Jun 27
11:43 PM

by Brian
Click for full story. I get it, I really do. You traded your best asset for essentially the #1 pick in this year's draft and a probable lottery pick in next year's draft. You've made the team bad...Bobcats bad. They're going to be bad for (at least) a year when it could pay huge dividends to be bad. Get worse to get better...the middle is the worst...accumulate assets. It all makes sense, I just have a favor to ask.
Jun 14
3:43 PM

by Brian
Click for full story. In shocking news, the Sixers are reportedly, maybe, possibly interested in Will Bynum (no relation).
May 13
8:28 AM

by Brian
Click for full story. It took him a year longer than he would have liked, but Josh Harris has finally begun to run the Philadelphia 76ers like he would any other company he acquired at a bargain. Old management is finally gone, and Sam Hinkie is the Stanford MBA-toting savant who will apply new logic to the problem of building a contender, and more importantly, speaks Harris' language.

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