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Jul 20
12:00 AM

Click for full story. It's a statement made by many NBA fans and heard often on this blog:  "You can't win in the NBA without superstars."  The follow-up statement is often attached: "I'm only going to be happy/excited about my team if they have a chance to win."  For many 76ers fans, several woeful statements then follow logically: (1) the 76ers don't currently have any superstars; (2) it is unlikely they will ever attract a superstar through free agency or trade; (3) the only reasonable course of action is to be a terrible team year after year and hope to land that superstar through the lottery.  This line of reasoning is even more depressing with the realization that your team can win the lottery and still not land a superstar, as many are starting to fear with the Sixers and Evan Turner in 2010.  But is the whole mindset of "superstar or bust" a reasonable one?  Because there's a thorny problem to think about:  while having a superstar is a necessary condition for winning in the NBA ("a team can't win unless it has a superstar") it is not a sufficient condition ("If a team has a superstar, it will win").  Details after the jump.

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