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I love Philly sports, and Philly sports fans. They're the most knowledgeable fans out there. No one recognizes a work ethic like Philly fans. No one rewards maximum effort better, no matter what the outcome. The only problem is that it seems as though modern-day superstars can only handle the pressure they cause for so long.

No matter what he says, Allen Iverson grew weary of them. Charles Barkley did too. Scott Rolen, while it's debatable that he is now or ever was a superstar, got tired of it too. If this report from ESPN.com is to be believed, Donovan McNabb might be joining this long list of Philly icons who just got fed up with the atmosphere.

ESPN is quoting sources close to McNabb as saying that he's unhappy with the way the Eagles, and the fans have treated him and his mother since his season-ending knee injury. There's a laundry list of grievances in the article, and most of them are very petty, so I won't go into them here. What I will say is that I have a problem believing this report. From what I can tell from talking to other Eagles fans and reading multiple Eagles forums, the Philly fans aren't down on number 5. He got hurt. It happens. I don't see an outcry for McNabb to be run out of town so Garcia can lead this team. Quite the contrary actually.

Yes, the Eagles should sign Garcia as an insurance policy, and yes, I think they need to start looking toward the future by bringing in a project at the QB position, but that's just a fact of life. It's not something for McNabb to get his panties in a bunch over. If this report is true, McNabb's got some serious self confidence issues. I don't believe it, and I think McNabb needs to come out quickly and deny the report. It took him a full year to regain his status as the leader of this team the last time a tragedy happened (the T.O. fiasco), we don't have time for him to sulk his way through this one. He needs to say, "This is my team. I want to win a Superbowl here. Stop with this nonsense," and he needs to say it now.

UPDATE: Andy Reid has denied the reports of McNabb's unhappiness, no word from McNabb.

by Brian on Jan 23 2007