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Now that the worst Super Bowl ever has come to an end, and the off season has officially begun, let's take a look at this pitiful game played in rain-soaked Miami. Rex Grossman lost this game. No matter what the talking heads on ESPN tell you, Peyton Manning didn't win it, the Colts won it despite him. The Indianapolis running game and defense (thanks in large part to Grossman's ineptitude) were stout enough to make up for another unspectacular performance by choke-artist Manning.

Trent Dilfer did more to earn his Super Bowl ring than Peyton Manning did tonight. Other than the 53-yard touchdown to Reggie Wayne, the Colts' offense consisted solely of safe, underneath passes to running backs and tight ends. Once the Colts got the lead, Manning was no longer a factor. Dominic Rhodes and Joseph Addai put the team on their backs and carried the team to victory. The philosophy, don't let Peyton choke this game away. Unfortunately, the Bears didn't utilize the same strategy.

Prince's masturbatory half-time show marked the height of insanity, especially after the Christian Coalition's crusade against profanity sparked by Janet Jackson's nipple slip a couple years ago, then the bar was set even higher when the game was over. Peyton Manning was named the MVP of the game, basically because he's Peyton Manning and he can sell more products with his commercials if he's the MVP of the Super Bowl. He didn't deserve it, he didn't earn it, but the trophy is still his.

by Brian on Feb 4 2007