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Phew. Yesterday it was looking like the Eagles may bring in Corey "Over-The-Hill" Dillon, Chris Brown or Ron Dayne to backup Westbrook at RB. Today, the news broke that the Eagles have finally managed to exhibit a little common sense, they signed Corell Buckhalter to come back as the second string RB.


Nothing Earth-shattering, which is a very good thing. Going out and over-paying for Dillon, Brown or Dayne would've been a stupid move with little-to-no upside. Buckhalter contributes (when he's healthy). He's got enough speed to break a run every now and then, enough power to pick up tough yards and he can catch the ball coming out of the backfield. I'm pretty sure I could outrun Dillon, Brown and Dayne at this point in their careers.


Welcome back, Buck.


by Brian on Mar 16 2007