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The Eagles need help in their defensive front seven to stop the run. This is a fact. I've harped on it. Late last night, they signed a defensive lineman, but didn't address this glaring need.

Montae Reagor, former defendant and Colt, is the newest member of the Eagles 10-man defensive tackle rotation. Reagor is a pass-rushing DT, not a run stuffer. If he reminds you of Mike Patterson, Darwin Walker, and pretty much every other defensive tackle, you wouldn't be mistaken. Reagor creates a glut at the position, so there are whispers of a pending deal involving a DT leaving Philly.

Reagor's 6'3", 285 lb. frame is about the right size to be manhandled by opposing guards, and he should, in Eagles' tradition, allow humongous holes to be opened for opposing running backs. I'm still very disappointed in the way the Eagles have approached this off season.

by Brian on Mar 21 2007