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A quick look at what's going on in Bird Land.

— The skank who was caught by a FOX cameraman wearing a "F*ck Da Eagles" t-shirt during the Eagles/Saints playoff game in New Orleans is once again making her daddy proud with a photo shoot in Maxim magazine.

— I think the debate over what the "A" in Stephen A. Smith's name stands for can finally be narrowed down to either "aggravator" or "a-hole." His column from the Philadelphia Inquirer, headlined "McNabb has character, but not leadership," does a fine job of criticizing McNabb's leadership, and basically calling him too tame. The breakdown in logic comes when in one breath he uses the T.O. debacle in Philly as a shining example of McNabb's lack of leadership, then goes on to say that some of the Eagles want Jeff Garcia around next season because he is a leader (and McNabb is not). Apparently, Smith has either forgotten that T.O. also tore a team Garcia "led" to shreds with his antics, or he's chosen to ignore it so his hatchet-job of a column would have a greater impact. Stephen, quite frankly, you're a moron in a bad suit.

by Brian on Jan 30 2007