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There's no time like the present to start looking forward to next September when the Eagles will take the field to defend their NFC East title. Here's part one of my offseason preview, the free agents.

The Birds have 11 players who will be unrestricted free agents this Spring, here's the list, along with what I think the Eagles will do, and I what I think they should do.

Shawn Barber (OLB)
Will do: They'll probably bring him back, the asking price shouldn't be too high.
Should do: Cut him loose. They need to get bigger at linebacker.

Correll Buckhalter (RB)
Will do: Bring him back.
Should do: It shouldn't cost them much to bring him back, so do it. But don't stop looking for another option at RB for short-yardage situations.

Koy Detmer (QB/Holder)
Will do: Probably bring him back, unless he retires.
Should do: Cut him loose and find someone else to do the holding. They can't carry 4 qbs.

Jeff Garcia (QB)
Will do: Sign him. Unless he makes a dumb move and goes somewhere else for too much money.
Should do: Sign him.

Roderick Hood (CB)
Will do: Let him go.
Should do: Sign him. He could be a starter elsewhere, which is why the Eagles need to keep him. They need depth in the defensive backfield.

William James (CB)
Will do: Let him go.
Should do: Let him go. He didn't show anything in limited action this year.

Michael Lewis (SS)
Will do: Let him go.
Should do: Let him go. He's gone from a pro bowler to Sean Considine's backup, need I say more?

Reno Mahe (RB)
Will do: Probably sign him for next to nothing.
Should do: Sign him as insurance, but look to get a game-breaking return guy in the draft.

Quintin Mikell (FS)
Will do: Sign him.
Should do: Sign him. He's a play maker, when he gets on the field, and Dawkins isn't getting any younger.

Donté Stallworth (WR)
Will do: Sign him for too much.
Should do: Sign him, but not for too much. He's a legit deep threat, but he's not worth #1 receiver money because he doesn't play 16 games every year.

Juqua Thomas (DE)
Will do: Sign him.
Should do: Let him go. He made some plays, but undersized defensive ends are a dime a dozen on this team.

by Brian on Jan 18 2007