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I woke up this morning to a couple of emails telling me that the Eagles have released Jeremiah Trotter. Here is a link, if you don't believe me. (Eagle Scout).

There's something strange going on at the Eagles official site. Here's a screen-shot of the homepage:

eaglesdotcom.gifUnfortunately, there's no story to click through to, just the headline. There will apparently be a press conference at 1 p.m. with Reid and Trotter.

Earlier in camp I heard grumblings about Reid being unhappy with Trotter's performance, but this move took me completely by surprise. I'm not sure if he was due a roster bonus and this is a cap move (and the Eagles will pick him back up), or if this is the end of Trotter in Philly.

The big MLB has definitely lost a step, and he had become only a running-down LB, but this is a shock. I'm going to try to watch or listen to the press conference at 1. Stay tuned for updates.

Update (12:55 pm): ESPN is reporting that the Eagles encouraged Trot to retire, but he'll seek employment elsewhere. They also say that Spikes will probably move to the MLB spot. I don't like or buy that at this point. I liked Spikes on the outside, creating havoc in the passing game, rushing from the edge, and supporting the outside run (especially because the Eagles' ends are so under-sized).

by Brian on Aug 21 2007
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