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I have absolutely no problem with the Eagles' game plan today. They ran the ball consistently, didn't turn the ball over, and played a sound football game. Most importantly, they didn't let Devin Hester return a single punt or kick. They regularly gave the Bears excellent field position, punting the ball out of bounds, and floating kickoffs to the up men. It didn't cost them, not once. The one that wound up costing them was a perfect, coffin-corner punt by Sav Rocca, go figure.

The Bears marched 97 yards for the game-winning touchdown. That's all she wrote. Sometimes, it just isn't your year, I guess.

The Eagles need to do a better job of cashing in red zone opportunities, that's pretty obvious. If L.J. Smith could find his way onto the field, that may help matters.

If you're looking for a positive to take away from this game, Omar Gaither is good, very good. I like watching that kid play. I'll have more to say about this one when it stops hurting so much.

I went back using TiVo to check out the mysterious disappearing minute in the 4th quarter, and I'm pretty sure the refs made a mistake. The clock ran down to 10:21 when the field goal was kicked, I'm not sure what the hell was going on with that call, but the minute probably wouldn't have made a difference. Chicago would've just spent more time driving down the field to crush our spirits.

Player of The Game: Sheldon Brown. Great day for Sheldon, including breaking up a sure touchdown to Devin Hester.
by Brian on Oct 21 2007
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