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andyasleepatthewheel.jpgNow that we've found out Brian Westbrook played basically the entire game with two broken ribs, a couple things about this sputtering offense make more sense. This explains why he seemed a step slower after the first drive. It explains why he only carried the ball 12 times.

What it does not explain, however, is why Greg Lewis had more drops than DeSean Jackson had touches in the offensive game plan. In case Andy Reid has missed it, DeSean is officially the only home run hitter on the offense not named Brian Westbrook. The Eagles didn't take a single shot down the field to the kid. If memory serves, I believe he caught the only pass they threw his way. Were the Skins double teaming him? I don't think so.

Here's a thought. The Eagles knew Westbrook was hurting, but did the Skins know that? If #36 is on the field, he's probably going to draw extra attention (although I can remember at least two plays where London Fletcher had Westbrook one on one), why not us that to free up DeSean? Why not run a bubble screen to him? Why not do anything you can to get the ball into the only guy who has a prayer of breaking one for a long TD involved in the offense?

by Brian on Oct 6 2008
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