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Andy opened up his first press conference since returning to the Eagles by stating, for the record, that he can’t talk about his kids’ problems and asking the reporters not to ask him about those issues. Naturally, the entire press conference was used up by reporters peppering him with questions about his family.

When they finally got around to asking Reid football questions, he said he was happy with the moves the team had made in his absence. He didn’t go into much detail. He did say he stayed up on personnel decisions while he was out, watching game film at home, and stayed in touch with Tom Heckert, Joe Banner et al.

For the record: Andy wishes nothing but the best for Donte Stallworth, and Kevin Curtis should “take another step forward in this (the Eagles) offense.”

One reporter asked him if he felt guilty because he spends so much time at his job that he didn’t have enough time for his kids. Classy, classy question. OK, I’ve had enough. Welcome back Andy, now it’s time to get to work.

by Brian on Mar 23 2007