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sidelinesdonnie.jpgIf I was Donovan McNabb, and I wanted to remain as the starting quarterback in Philadelphia, I would've done anything and everything possible to get back for today's game. There is absolutely nothing that would've stopped me, short of a broken bone or maybe lupus. It looks like #5 just couldn't do it. The Philadelphia Daily News says it's 90% sure, Feeley will get the start. Another good game, and most importantly a win for the Eagles, could be the death blow to McNabb's career in green.

The Seahawks come into Philly with a 7-4 record, and a lock on their division. Sean Alexander has missed time, but he's been almost a side note for this team. They rely on Matt Hasselbeck and a spread offense to do most of their damage. Using the pass to set up the run. They have an extremely quick defense, especially at the linebacker position.

The Seahawks have only allowed 183 points through 11 games, although this may have something to do with the division they play in (the 49ers and Rams have 2 of the worst offenses in the league). Still, it's going to be another test for A.J. Feeley, and if he passes I don't know how you can give the job back to McNabb. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Win today, then worry about next week.

If you're into scoreboard watching, here's a list of the other games with Wild Card implications.
  • Detroit (6-5) @ Minnesota (5-6) - Detroit holds the last Wild Card spot right now, Eagles hold the tiebreaker over both teams. Root for Minnesota.
  • Buffalo (5-6) @ Washington (5-6) - Root for the Bills.
  • NY Giants (7-4) @ Bears (5-6) - Bears hold tiebreaker over the Eagles. If the Giants lose, the Eagles control their own destiny over them. Root for no one.
  • Cleveland (7-4) @ Arizona (5-6) - Root for the Browns.
  • Tampa (7-4) @ New Orleans (5-6) - Root for Tampa.
That's 8 teams within 2 games of the 2 wild card spots with 5 games to go. It's going to be a fun finish.

by Brian on Dec 2 2007