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ESPN's hashmarks blog is reporting that the Eagles were very close to signing Randy Moss this weekend, and they actually thought they had a deal done at one point. It's now being reported that Moss will return to the Pats for 3 years, $27M.

Heartbreaking news on the one hand. Moss is exactly what this team needs at the WR position. Of course, you could say that about every team in the league, but it's especially true for the Eagles. On the other hand, this is really good news. After signing Asante Samuel and Chris Clemons, it seemed as though the Eagles were focused exclusively on defense as they made their huge splash in the free agent market. Now, we know that they're looking to bolster the WR position. Hopefully, they don't stop looking now that it appears Moss is off the market.
by Brian on Mar 3 2008
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