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westbrook1216.jpgIf you've never seen the Eagles or Brian Westbrook play football before, I hope you'll watch SportsCenter tonight, because Westbrook did something at the end of the game that you'll almost never see in professional sports. He put the team in front of himself. With a little over 2:30 left on the clock, Westbrook broke a run off the right side of the line, tore through the Dallas secondary and scampered down to the one yard line...then he stopped. On the one yard line, he stopped. He took a knee, and instead of adding his 13th TD of the season to his stats and pumping the score up to 17-6, he gave himself up and allowed the Eagles to kneel down on the ball, decreasing the Cowboys chances at a miracle comeback from slim to none.

The defense was amazing today, Tony Romo was pathetic, Terrell Owens is about one more quarter without a touchdown away from tearing that team apart. The Eagles offense was pitiful, to be honest with you. The offense begins and ends with Brian Westbrook. Donovan McNabb bounced 5 passes, by my count, and again checked down and held the ball too long on numerous occasions. He wasn't alone, however. The o-line let guys have free runs at McNabb again and again.

No matter how bad a season is, and trust me, this one has hurt more than most, it's always nice to have a game or two to hang your hat on going into the following season. This game will be that. The Eagles went into Dallas, took down the Cowboys who were looking to secure home-field advantage throughout and hung a loss on Tony Romo in front of his idiot girlfriend.

If you need something else to look forward to, Brian Westbrook will be on this team next year, and if today's game taught us anything it's that nothing is more important than winning to him. If your best player has that kind of attitude, you're already ahead of the game.

Player of The Game: Brian Westbrook
Team Record: 6-8
Chances at the Playoffs: Less Than Slim.
by Brian on Dec 16 2007
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