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So there's a nasty rumor making the rounds that Andy Reid may just play his starters in tonight's preseason finale against the J-E-T-S, Favre, Favre, Favre. I'm of two minds on the issue. First of all, I think it's B.S. posturing. Reid would be crucified if McNabb or, God forbid, Westbrook went down with a serious injury in a meaningless game that starters traditionally don't play. Then again, after watching how this team started the season last year, maybe sitting around for two weeks prior to the first real game isn't such a good idea.

Nah, I'm going with my original thought. Sit the starters, or at the very least, the stars. I don't really care if Hank Baskett is out there, because he isn't really a starter in my mind anyway. Shawn Andrews can definitely use some reps, so get him some work. No matter who takes the field, let's just get through the game healthy.

I've been reading a bunch of previews, and quite a lot of them have the Eagles going to the playoffs. This surprises me a little. On paper, they've made a big upgrade at CB, but other than that are they really that much of an improvement over last year's version? I'm hesitant to say, "McNabb's back to 100% health, it's going to be like 2002-2004 all over again." He may be healthy, but he's also 4 years older with a lot of mileage on his legs.

We'll talk more about the Eagles in the coming days, especially the inside-out passing game they're going to have to use, and what that means to opposing defenses. For now, stay healthy, get sharp and beat the friggin' Jets.
by Brian on Aug 28 2008
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