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Laces OUT!!!!Koy Detmer’s retirement last year didn’t stick. Late in the year, the Eagles brought Koy, brother of Ty, back to Philly to hold for David Akers. Akers liked the way he positioned the ball according to the wind, Akers was a better kicker with him than he was without him, you remember the story.

Well, this year, it looks like Koy isn’t going to retreat to Utah without a fight. Bengals.com is reporting that the career backup visited the Bengals seeking employment. Good for Koy. If he never takes a snap, he can still help the team with his holding prowess.

This begs the question, who’s going to hold for the Birds? Probably Feeley or Holcomb, whoever wins the backup job. I’d like to make a proposal, however. I think the Aussie-Rules player, Saverio Rocca, the Eagles brought in to compete for the punting slot should hold. He and Akers would run a sick option. Rocca is 6’4”, weighs in at about 265 pounds, and Akers is certifiably insane (he’s the only kicker in the league who actively looks to make tackles on kick offs, and loves getting in fights with the opposing team’s bench). If that’s your holder/kicker combo I think you’re obligated to run a fake PAT at least once a game.

A side note: Rocca has impressed the Eagles with his leg, at least they think he has. The only problem is that he kicks the ball too high. His punts have been scraping the roof of the indoor practice facility.

by Brian on Apr 27 2007