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Andy Reid must go, and he must go right now.

This season is a lost cause for the Eagles. McNabb's time in Philadelphia has come to an end, so the remaining 5 games need to be about finding out what the Eagles have going forward. They need to see what Kevin Kolb can do and they are not going to find out anything as long as Reid is running this team.

I don't care who they bring in. It doesn't matter. All I know is that Reid has completely lost this team, and rightfully so. If Reid is calling the plays, we're going to see Kolb get beat up for the rest of the season, or we're going to see Reid go back to McNabb.

This team needs to assess its talent and make some tough decisions in the offseason. Andy Reid should have no part in either of those goals.

If Reid stays, he's going to be coaching for his job, not for the best interests of the franchise moving forward. He's going to abuse Westbrook and the damage he does could last well into next season. He needs to leave, and he needs to leave now.
by Brian on Nov 23 2008
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