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I have to be honest with you, I was sick to my stomach for the first quarter plus of this game. McNabb looked about as bad as I've ever seen him. Usually, you can count on him bouncing a couple of passes, maybe throwing the ball behind a receiver or two. Today, he was airmailing passes left and right. I really thought there was something physically wrong with him.

Luckily, he shook it off and turned in a pretty good game. He probably wouldn't have had a chance to if it wasn't for the return of Brian Westbrook. You can't say enough about this guy. I'm through with conditional statements where he's concerned, when healthy, Brian Westbrook is the best running back in the NFL. Period, end of statement.

The refs blew two calls in this one, the first a roughing the passer on Trent Cole, which wasn't even close. The call didn't directly lead to points. The second call was huge, and it came at the most fortunate time possible for the birds. The Falcon defense pulled it together and forced a punt with two minutes and change left on the clock in the fourth. Sav's punt was short and the returner had to run up to field it. At the last second, he pulled away from the ball and let it bounce in front of him. He never touched the ball, but it took a weird hop and the refs thought he did. They called it a muff and gave the ball to the Eagles. The Falcons were out of timeouts so they couldn't challenge the call, this sealed it.

With under two minutes to go Brian Westbrook broke one off the left side and took it 39 yards for his second touchdown of the game. I don't know about you, but I was kind of expecting him to take a knee at the one yard line again, this was essentially the same situation he did so against the Cowboys last year.

Two things to take away from this game and build upon. The first is Westbrook. I don't think he was 100% for this game, his moves were all there, but his explosive speed was not. Hopefully he'll be fully healed for next week. The second was the old Number 5. McNabb had a couple of really nice runs and they came at huge points in the game for the Eagles. I'm glad he's evolved into more than just a scrambling QB, but if he can mix in some plays with his legs it will make the offense much more dangerous.

Offensive Player of The Game: Brian Westbrook
Defensive Player of The Game: Asante Samuel
DeSean's Bonehead Play of The Game: -13 yards on a punt return. Ugh.
by Brian on Oct 27 2008
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