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At 4:15 this Sunday the Eagles will look to continue their winning ways in Seattle, against a team that isn't very good when healthy, and comes into the game reeling from a string of injuries.

After the jump we'll take a closer look at what the Eagles need to do to get to 5-3.
Seneca Wallace, huh? Matt Hasselbeck is out with a serious back injury, meaning Seneca Wallace will join the growing list of horrible quarterbacks the Eagles have faced.

If you had told me going into the season the Kyle Orton wouldn't even be among the 5 worst QBs the Eagles would face this year I would've laughed at you. At this point, he's probably third from the bottom and rising fast.

Winning this week won't be a matter of what the birds need to do, but what they need to avoid. It's a simple formula, and honestly, if this isn't a blowout win for the Eagles, something is wrong.

  1. Take care of the ball. The defense should be able to bury Wallace and the rest of the Seahags, but, given a short field, anyone in this league can put points on the board. As long as the offense doesn't cough the ball up, I don't see the Seahawks scoring nearly enough to win this game.
Actually, that's it. That's the only thing they really need to avoid. They're coming into the game pretty healthy, LJ Smith and Shawn Andrews will be out. Asante has been a full participant in practice, so his hip injury doesn't appear to be something that's going to linger.

The Eagles need to put this team away as quickly as possible. I'd love to see a game where they don't have to lean on Brian Westbrook for 25-30 touches. Get this win and escape Seattle with everyone healthy, that's all I ask.
by Brian on Oct 31 2008
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