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The hangover from the Eagles loss to the Giants lass week still hasn't worn off for me. The Birds are playing in Cincy on a windy day, I'll have a few updates here throughout the game. Leave your thoughts in the comments, I'll be checking in regularly.

1st Quarter
  • Reid calls three passes on the first three plays. Shocking. Three and out.
  • Six plays, five passes, 1 yard.
  • The D holds with 2 sacks, offense is backed up to the 5 on a nice punt. The Bengals are dominating the field position battle so far.
  • McNabb sacked, fumbles, Cincy recovers on the 1. Just an ugly start to this game. 1st and goal for Cincy from the 1.
  • It'll be second and goal when the second starts.
2nd Quarter
  • The D holds, FG Cincy. 3-0, Bengals.
  • Eagles drive stalls after a 44-yard screen to Buckhalter. Akers ties it w/ a 42-yard FG. 3-3, tie.
  • Westbrook is not healthy. He looks slow and tentative out there.
  • Mikell destroys Chapman on a 3rd down play, causes a fumble, Howard recovers. Eagles ball with 3:11 to go in the second. Let's see if the offense can do anything with the opportunity.
  • McNabb picked inside the 20 with 1:15 to go in the half. This team is pitiful.
  • Touchdown Bengals. They drove right down the field in 4 plays and punched it in. 10-3, Cincy.
  • McNabb throws another pick inside the 20 with 13 seconds left. This one wasn't his fault, it bounced right off Curtis's shoulder pads. Good way to end the half.
3rd Quarter
  • 3 and out to start the third quarter for the Birds. The Bengals will get the ball w/ great field position.
  • FG Cincy. 13-3, Bengals. Reid ate a challenge flag on a questionable fumble call. He literally ate the flag, guess he couldn't wait for the post-game buffet.
  • 2 play drive for a TD. Baskett for 57-yarder, then LJ Smith converts on a 4-yard catch. 13-10, Cincy.
  • McNabb is picked again right at the 20. All you can do is laugh at this point.
4th Quarter
  • McNabb sacked on 3rd and 7 at the 45. At least he's still smiling out there, nothing better than seeing your franchise guy play like crap and seem like he couldn't care less.
  • 4th and inches from the 20, McNabb sneaks for it. Let's see if it matters.
  • 4th and 1 from the 10 now, and Reid can't make up his mind. They're down 3 points, 5:36 left on the clock. You have to kick it here. If they go for it and get stoned the Bengals will run out the clock.
  • Akers boots it through and ties the game up. 13-13, tie. I'm not at all shocked that Reid needed a timeout to figure out what to do in that situation. Tie game, 5 minutes to go, you probably won't need those timeouts anyway, right?
  • The D holds, DeSean with a nice return on the punt. The Eagles have the ball with 2:44 to go, can McNabb engineer a game-winning drive?
  • 3rd and 1 from mid-field, McNabb's pass is batted down. Awesome. Punting now with less than 2:00 to go.
  • 17-yard punt by Sav.
  • 1:44 left for the Bengals to crush the Eagles' soul.
  • The D holds again. The Birds will get the ball back with 1:25 at the 28.
  • They need about 50 yards to be in comfortable FG range. 2 timeouts left. 
  • Dhani Jones breaks up a 3rd and 10 pass to Westbrook. The Eagles ran 22 seconds off the clock, now they're punting again. Rocca unleashes a 31-yard punt.
  • Bengals ball at their own 40, 56 seconds to go. 25 yards and the Eagles lose.
  • Eagles 3 and out on first possession of overtime. Sav gets off a decent punt, holding on the Bengals on the return.
Well, this one is like kissing your sister, if your sister is the ugliest girl in the world. Every single Eagle player and coach should be ashamed of himself after this tie.

Player of The Game: Asante Samuel
Team Record: 5-3-1
by Brian on Nov 16 2008
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