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  • I think Faith Hill hit the wall while in the process of jumping the shark. This has to be the worst intro to any sporting event, ever.
  • Madden agrees with me, Reggie Brown needs to be a factor in this game.
First Quarter
  • The first two drives were equally pitiful. Bad offense or good defense?
  • It's always good to see Reno Mahe fumble a punt return. Luckily, the Eagles recovered.
  • The Giants finally moved the ball, but missed a field goal.
  • Buckhalter carves up the Giants D on two consecutive runs. Stick with it, Andy.
  • 4 straight Buckhalter runs, the Eagles are finally moving the ball.
  • After another first down, McNabb bounces a pass to Curtis to the left, then Curtis drops a pass to the right.
  • Reno Mahe cannot block. Pass protection may be where they miss Westbrook the most.
  • What happened to Rocca's monster leg?
  • The Freak is still on the team? Coulda fooled me. He just abused the Giants' RT for a sack.
  • The Giants are driving as the quarter comes to an end.
Second Quarter
  • Big third and long for the Eagles, turned into third and not-so-long after Juqua Thomas jumps off sides. The front four get pressure on Manning, another punt for the Giants.
  • No one is getting open, and McNabb is slow to get out of the pocket. That's three sacks, all on third down plays.
  • Touchdown Giants. Burress just reached up over Sheldon Brown and snatched it. 7-0, Giants.
  • This may be crazy talk, but the Eagles have yet to stop Buckhalter, why aren't the Eagles just ramming the ball down the Giants' throat? Now is the time to do it, if they get down by more than a TD you know Andy's going to call nothing but passes.
  • McNabb just barely avoided the fourth third-down sack of the game, but completed the pass underneath to Reno for a first down. The running back plan seems to be Buckhalter for running plays, Reno for passing plays.
  • Celek with a couple catches, and we're in the no-huddle.
  • Buckhalter is tearing them apart on the ground. He just broke off a 15-yarder.
  • 10 carries for 69 yards for Buck so far. Keep riding him.
  • Akers misses a 42-yarder. Ugh.
  • The D needs to get the ball back quickly.
  • Or they can just let the Giants march right down the field.
  • 8 penalties for 60 yards, in one half. That's unacceptable.
  • OMAR!!!! Gaither picks Manning at the 9 and brings it back 47 yards. HUGE PLAY!
  • The O follows the play up with another penalty. 9 penalties for 65 yards.
  • Another penalty. 10 for 70 yards.
  • Another sack on third and long. Winston Justice is not getting the job done. McNabb fumbled, but the Eagles recovered it.
  • That's the half. I'm glad it's over.
Third Quarter
  • The Eagles open the second half with another 3 and out, ended by a sack. Pitiful. Why they aren't running the ball more is beyond me.
  • Personal foul, face mask on the Eagles. 11 penalties for 85 yards. Shockingly, the cameras didn't catch the penalty. I'd like to know what the Vegas action was like on this game. These penalties are getting ridiculous.
  • The D holds, but the offense will take over at the 1. 99-yard drive? Not likely.
  • Please use a back to chip Umenyiora.
  • The Eagles punt, the Giants have great field position, again.
  • That last series was a perfect example of horrible play calling. The Eagles had the ball on the 1, they completed a short pass to Reggie Brown for a little breathing room, then instead of running Buck, they go right back to the pass. McNabb gets sacked, and it's third and long instead of third and short. They try to pass again, and McNabb barely gets rid of the ball, avoiding the safety.
  • The D holds again. They can't keep this up.
  • Eagles ball on the 4. Please run the ball at least three straight times.
  • 2 straight runs, 8 yards. Run it again.
  • The third run got them a first down, then right back to the pass for another sack.
  • MAKE THE GIANTS STOP THE RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rocca with an ugly, yet effective punt. The Giants don't have great field position, for a change.
  • Pass interference. 12 penalties for 117 yards. First and goal.
  • Third and goal from the 11. Watch Burress here.
  • The D holds them to a field goal. 10-0, Giants.
  • Illegal formation negates a first down. 13 penalties for 122 yards.
  • Fumbled hand off. Touchdown Giants. Unbelievable. 17-0, Giants.
  • Correction: 16-0, Giants. (They missed the PAT)
  • Into the no-huddle. No points here, this game is officially over.
  • The Eagles are "driving" as the third quarter comes to an end.
Fourth Quarter
  • Jesus. The Eagles' drive is stalled by another sack on third down, then they have to burn a timeout when the FG team can't get its act together.
  • 53-yarder for Akers. 16-3 Giants.
  • Wow, a penalty on the Giants.
  • 3 and out. The D did its job.
  • Incompletion, sack, sack. The anatomy of an Eagles' drive. At least the Eagles didn't burn too much clock with that three and out.
  • 6:36 to score 2 touchdowns.
  • False start. 14 penalties, 127 yards.
  • McNabb throws a TD to Reggie Brown. BUT, McNabb was beyond the line of scrimmage. No touchdown. 15 penalties, 132 yards. 4th and 18 now, for the game.
  • Sack, and a fumble to boot.
  • Here they are, your last place Philadelphia Eagles. Putrid game tonight. Good thing it's still baseball season.

by Brian on Sep 30 2007
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