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Number 5 is alive. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)The Eagles came in with a huge question mark at the wide receiver position. The left with three receivers over 100 yards receiving and more importantly, a 38-3 win.

After the jump I'll go through my quarter-by-quarter game notes, and we'll talk big picture about this big win for the Birds.
First Quarter

  • The Eagles go deep on the second play of the game. McNabb puts the ball in a tight spot, DeSean Jackson makes an unbelievable catch against tight coverage. Good start.
  • 80-yard TD drive to open the season.
  • I have no idea how the Rams were fooled by that shovel pass to Westbrook. As soon as the Eagles shifted to the pro formation that close to the goal line you had to know what was coming.
  • Avant with two catches to convert on 3rd down, including a 31-yarder. Looks like he's feeling comfortable in the system. Where is the St. Lou defense? Their DBs look lost out there.
Second Quarter

  • On 3rd and 6 the Eagles take another deep shot to DeSean. It falls incomplete, but I like the aggression. He beat his man, the throw was off.
  • Greg Lewis gets in the mix with a 52-yard reception.
  • The offense sputters, but Quintin Demps makes beautiful plays on consecutive punts, pinning the Rams on the 2 yard line both times.
  • Sheldon Brown separated Stephen Jackson from his helmet on a vicious hit over the middle. Somehow, Jackson held on for the catch, though.
  • On 3rd and 8 from the 10 the Eagles run play action, on the outside Baskett runs a stop and go, 90-yard TD!
Third Quarter

  • Westbrook fumbles on consecutive plays, neither one is lost. Lucky break.
  • DeSean Jackson finally breaks one on his 9th punt return of the day, 60 yards all the way to the 6.
  • The Eagles blow the field position from DeSean's return. Settle for a FG.
Fourth Quarter

  • Westbrook basically puts the game away with his legs. They grind out a drive, finishing it with a Westbrook TD. 38-0.
  • The Rams spoil the shutout with a long field goal after their best drive of the day.
  • Kevin Kolb and the rest of the backups take the field with 8:55 left. Kolb goes 5/6 for 53 yards and finishes the game with three kneel downs in the red zone.
Final Thoughts

  • McNabb looked sharp. I counted 5 poorly-thrown passes out of 33. I also only saw one drop which is a great sign, especially considering the health issues at WR.
  • The D was stifling, especially the LBs. Stewart Bradley was all over the field (9 tackles, 1 sack). This game really wouldn've been ugly if the Eagles didn't drop 4 picks.
  • Special teams was night and day better than last season. I mentioned Demps' work on punt coverage earlier, and DeSean had 97 yards on punt returns.
Player of The Game (offense): Donovan McNabb - 21/33, 361 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT
Player of The Game (defense): Stewart Bradley
Player of The Game (special teams): DeSean Jackson/Q. Demps