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vietnam-monk-self-immolation.jpgSelf-immolation seems like a viable alternative to writing a post peering into the future of the Eagles, but here I am.

After the jump I'll make an earnest attempt to look at the remaining schedule without mentioning an obstinate coach, gutless quarterback or silly strategic decisions. I'll try.

1St. LouisWin, 38-31-0
2@ DallasLoss, 41-371-1
3PittsburghWin, 15-62-1
4@ ChicagoLoss, 24-20
5WashingtonLoss, 23-172-3
6@ San FranciscoWin, 40-26
8AtlantaWin, 27-14
9@ SeattleWin, 26-75-3
10New York GiantsLoss, 36-315-4
11@ CincinattiTie, 13-135-4-1
12@ Baltimore----
14@ New York Giants----
16@ Washington----

OK, let's make this quick.
  • @ Baltimore: Perfect game for the Eagles. They're facing the team with the best run defense in the league, so it's completely acceptable to throw the ball 80% of the time. Don't ask me why, but I think the Eagles win this game.
  • Vs. Arizona (NFL Network, Thanksgiving night): Not sure if I'm going to be able to watch this game. Expect Joselio Hanson to be on Larry Fitzgerald because the Eagles won't have Asante follow him all over the field. This one is a loss. 
  • @ NY Giants: This is going to be the game that gives every Eagles fan false hope. Westbrook runs wild, the Eagles win comfortably, things look a little less bleak with a 7-5-1 record. People start to mutter the word playoffs again.
  • Vs. Cleveland: The momentum builds against a bad Browns team. 8-5-1
  • @ Washington: And the bubble bursts. Clinton Portis gains 200+ yards, Westbrook gets 12 carries. The season ends at Washington.
  • Vs. Dallas: As they've managed to do the past couple of years, the Eagles leave us with a little bit of a positive feeling heading into the offseason. Dallas is playing for a playoff berth, the Birds have nothing but pride to play for. Romo turns the ball over 5 times and the Eagles romp. No playoffs, but at least they knocked the Boys out. Final record: 9-6-1.
Ultimately, that tie will keep them out of the playoffs.
by Brian on Nov 20 2008
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