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You know the drill. I'm watching online so I'll update throughout. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

1st Quarter
  • Westbrook is starting, which is a little bit of a shock to me. He didn't practice all week.
  • The Eagles go with the no-huddle from the get-go. They don't do much with it, though. Sav punts one into the end zone after the Eagles manage one first down.
  • This is going to be a defensive battle, let's hope the Eagles can punish Flacco throughout.
  • On their second drive, the Ravens are just ramming the ball down the Eagles throat. They've covered about 35 yards on 5 straight carries. Bunkley was hurt on the last play. If they can't stop the run it won't matter how much pressure they can put on the rookie QB.
  • Big stop on 3rd and 1 for the D.
  • Three and out for the O. 6 passes, 2 runs so far. Andy really is committed to the run.
  • The birds end the first on the drive, and actually running the ball well with both Buckhalter and Westbrook. Let's see if they can keep it going in the second.
2nd Quarter
  • Baskett with a huge 3rd down catch inside the 30.
  • And McNabb coughs up the ball, the Ravens return it to about midfield. Sack and fumble.
  • The D holds, but keep these early drives in mind. The Eagles cannot stay on the field, when they do get into scoring range something happens. The D is going to wear down and the Ravens are ready, willing and able to run the ball over and over again. They have three good backs.
  • On 3rd and about a foot the Eagles run play action, McNabb throws a pick deep down the field. Just as good as a punt, I guess. Which is what you're going for on third and short, obviously.
  • Two sacks for the Eagles forcing a punt. They finally get good field position, Eagles ball at their own 43.
  • 3 and out. Excellent.
  • And another 3 and out for the Birds. This is just pitiful.
  • Big return for the Ravens, plus ten yards tacked on for a penalty. Ravens ball on the Eagles 28.  Here come the first points of the game.
  • Stover hits from 44 yards. 3-0, Ballmer.
  • McNabb throws a pick on the first play, Ed Reed returns it to about the 5. Horrible, horrible pass by McNabb.
  • Flacco throws for a TD off play action on 3rd and goal from the 1. 10-0, purple birds. Considine got torched on the play.
  • At least we get to see McNabb run the 2-minute drill now. I wonder if he'll puke.
  • Demps returns the kickoff about 101 yards for a TD. 10-7 Ravens.
  • First kick return for a TD for the Eagles since 2001.
  • It's a shame this special teams and defensive unit has to watch the Eagles' offense piss away all their hard work every week.
  • Considine and Hanson combine on a sack, ball is knocked loose, called a fumble on the field, but it's probably going to be overturned. The funniest thing about the play was that Considine seemed to take the worst of the hit.
  • And.....yep, it's overturned. This is going to turn into points for Baltimore.
  • The Ravens miss a 53-yarder. 17 seconds left for the Eagles to do something. 
3rd Quarter
  • Holy shit. McNabb is healthy, and Kolb is starting the second half. Wow.
  • Kolb gets them a first down at least.
  • We may have just witnessed the end of the McNabb era in Philly.
  • Asante is down. He was hit early on a pass play, no flag.
  • The D holds. Kolb will start his second drive at the 20.
  • The offense goes about 10 yards in the wrong direction.
  • The Ravens block Sav's punt for a safety. 12-7, Ravens.
  • The good news: Kolb has a sweet porno/state trooper mustache.
  • Andy Reid tried to challenge something, he wasn't allowed, no one knows what the hell he was challenging anyway.
  • Ravens are driving.
  • Reid throws the challenge flag again, again they give it back to him because the play cannot be challenged. Awesome.
  • Mikell sacks Flacco, forces a fumble, Abiamiri tries to pick it up, kicks it, and the Ravens get it back on a huge loss. Ravens to punt again.
  • Kolb is picked on his 6th attempt of the game. The offensive line picked up the blitz really well, Kolb just didn't have enough on the deep pass to Curtis, who was covered tightly.
  • The Ravens are comfortably in field goal position at the 24 when the third comes to an end.
4th Quarter
  • FG, Ravens. 15-7.
  • Prediction: The Iggles score a TD, somehow, then botch the 2-point conversion.
  • 3 & out.
  • 53-yard TD pass to Mark Clayton. Lito watched him go right by on a slant. 22-7, Ravens.
  • Kolb drives the Eagles all the way down to the 1-inch line, then throws a pick to Ed Reed in the back of the end zone. Reed brings it back 108 yards for a touchdown. Kolb could've walked into the end zone. It was 2nd and literally an inch. 29-7, Balto.
That's all I can handle for right now. This game is over. This season is over. The McNabb era is over. Hopefully, Andy Reid's time with the team will come to an end as well. What a disgrace.
by Brian on Nov 23 2008
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