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A few pieces of news on the Eagles premature offseason:

  • Donovan McNabb has a post up on his Yardbarker blog which basically says the Eagles need to go out and get playmakers. He makes a point to say the post isn't meant to be a knock on anyone in the locker room. I've said several times the Birds either need to do just that, game a game-changing WR, or they need to go in a different direction at QB. It looks like McNabb's going to stay, so give him a legit deep threat or we're looking at another 8-8 season next year.
  • In related news, Reggie Brown has a post on his Under-Performing Professional Football Players blog which was much more succinct: "Get us a quarterback who doesn't bounce half of his f#*$ing passes and we'll be fine!"
  • Brian Westbrook is an All Pro. A little bit of a shock here, not because he doesn't deserve it (he does) but because I thought the Adrian Peterson hype might carry him to the team. L.T. was the other RB on the roster. A few Pats made the team as well.
  • Here's a call for Andy to relinquish his GM duties (or have the organization rip them out of his death grip) for the good of the team. My response: Hear Hear!
  • Iggles Blog compares Sav Rocca's stats from this year to the past three years of Action Dirk.
  • Bleeding Green Nation takes a look at possibilities at WR, should the Eagles listen to McNabb and try to upgrade the position. My two cents: Javon Walker, not worth the headaches.
Let's cap it off with a video of our All Pro running back, Brian Westbrook.

by Brian on Jan 9 2008
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