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I'm watching online, so I'll put some notes up here throughout. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

4th Quarter
  • Ho, hum. Another Akers FG. 23-7, Eagles.
  • 10th punt in a row for the Seahags.
  • And another Akers FG. 26-7, Eagles.
  • And another punt. Sorry for the lack of updates, but it's been a boring fourth.
  • That's all she wrote.

Check after the jump for notes from the first three quarters.

1st Quarter
  • Nice return by Demps, but he could've gone the distance. You can't let the kicker trip you up like that.
  • Donovan bounces a 3rd down pass.
  • Lito gets burned on a 90-yard pass play from Seneca Wallace to Koren Robinson. Just an ugly, ugly play for Lito and Dawkins had him tackled but blew it. Great start. 7-0 Seattle.
  • The great start continues. 3 consecutive 3 and outs for the Eagles offense. McNabb hasn't even been close to his receivers so far.
  • The Eagles finally get something going with a 44-yard pass to Celek, then on the next snap McNabb throws a pick in the end zone. Things are not going well.
  • The defense is holding up now, but the offense just had another 3 and out. This is painful to watch.
  • The Seahawks are picking on Lito, I wonder if Drew Rosenhaus will use this game tape the next time he goes on TV to talk about how much better Lito is than Sheldon Brown.
  • That was one of the ugliest quarters of football I've ever seen from McNabb.

2nd Quarter
  • Defense holds again to start the second. Eagles will get back to work from the 20.
  • Alright, TD pass to Reggie Brown, big plays from Celek and DeSean on the drive. 7-7 tie.
  • DeSean has taken a couple big hits, including a blind-side shot on that last punt return. Eagles have the ball with 5:32 left in the half, let's go in with the lead, huh?
  • Lito's out with a groin injury, making the Eagles defensive backfield markedly improved for the rest of the game.
  • Buckhalter is stopped on 3rd and 1, bringing up 4th and about 5 inches when they come back from the 2 minute warning. If this play is anything but a QB sneak I'll be shocked. McNabb can get this, don't mess around.
  • McNabb got the first, now they're in field goal range (maybe) with under a minute to go.
  • McNabb to Herremans for the TD. Who needs LJ Smith? 14-7, Eagles. 40 seconds to go in the half.
  • Seneca Wallace decided to spike the ball on 3rd and 8, giving the ball back to the birds for a kneel down to end the half.
  • Could've been worse, should've been much better.

3rd Quarter
  • Another punt for the Seahawks to start the 3rd. Asante Samuel is the best cover corner the Eagles have had in my lifetime.
  • Akers hits from 39, 17-7 Eagles.
  • Another punt for Seattle, DeSean tries to make a risky catch on the sideline, muffs it, but the ball trickles out of bounds. Let's hope that's his only rookie moment today.
  • 1st and goal = 3 points again for the Eagles. Celek is putting together a monster game, by the way. 20-7 Eagles.
  • Another punt coming up for the Seahags when the fourth gets under way.
by Brian on Nov 2 2008
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