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Since I'm watching the game on my laptop today, it should be pretty easy for me to update frequently. I'll do a semi-live blog, jotting down my notes as the game goes on.

Fourth Quarter Notes

  • Portis walks into the end zone on third and goal. Pitiful. 14-23 WAS
  • I don't think the Eagles could score 10 points if they had 10 more quarters left in this game. Not with the way they're playing right now.
  • Eagles ball on the 9 after a clip on the return. Awesome.
  • Hip hip...the Eagles actually got a first down.
  • Three first downs later, including a 40-yard run and catch to Reggie Brown. The Eagles are in business.
  • 3rd and a half yard on the 2, Westbrook gets stuffed and they have to settle for a field goal. Again, pitiful. 17-23 WAS
  • Just like their failed 4th down try against Chicago, Klecko went right, the run went left, away from the lead blocker, and he was swallowed whole in the backfield. Maybe time to try a new play in that situation, huh?
  • 5:50 to go, 3rd and 3 for the Skins. Don't stop them here and the best-case scenario is getting the ball back with about 3 minutes to go.
  • Campbell converts. Barring a miracle, this one is over.
  • Not only did he convert that one, but he converted the next one with a scramble on 3rd and 9. This one is history, I'll be shocked if the Eagles even get the ball back at this point.
  • 202 rushing yards for the Skins. The funny thing, it wouldn't have even mattered had the Eagles offense not completely shit the bed.
  • 4th and 1, Washington takes a timeout, looks like they're going for it.
  • Portis wanted it more than the Eagles. They had him wrapped up by two guys short of the first down, he carried them across the line. 
  • As the Skins kneel down to run out the clock I can't help but wonder if Andy Reid regrets using that challenge on a play that was obviously called correctly.
Disappointing doesn't begin to describe this loss. 2-3 in this division is quite a hole to dig out of. I don't think the Birds are capable. I'll have more on this game later. Right now I'm angry, frustrated and fed up.

Check after the jump for notes from the first three quarters.

First Quarter Notes

  • McNabb throws a sick block on an end around.
  • The Eagles run two end-arounds.
  • Two catches for LJ Smith, both for first downs.
  • Welcome back Westbrook!!!!! Long TD drive, 6 runs, 6 passes. Westbrook punches it in. 7-0 PHI
  • Westbrook is now getting his chest worked on. Not good.
  • 3 and out for the Skins on their first possession, they put a ton of pressure on Campbell and forced 3 incomplete passes.
  • DeSean brings the punt back for a TD, but it's called back...Wait a second, the flag was on a Skin. The TD counts!!! 14-0 PHI
  • The Eagles got a break on that no-call on the punt return, I'll take it.
  • The Skins finally go to Portis, he picks up a first down with two runs.
  • Sheldon Brown with a huge hit on Portis to break up a sweep, Brown left the game after the hit.
  • The D gets pressure on Campbell without a blitz on 3rd and 8, Juqua takes him down for a 1-yard gain. No return for DeSean this time.
  • Westbrook headed back to the locker room. The offense is now stalling.
  • Check that, big catch for Reggie Brown over the middle, still driving.
  • On 3rd and 5 McNabb overthrows one to Greg Lewis. Akers on and he misses a 50-yd FG. Akers is a problem at this point.
  • Campbell finishes the first quarter 0/5, the Skins will face a 3rd and about 3 to open the second quarter.

Second Quarter Notes

  • Cooley gets open in the flat for the first down. The double on Santana Moss worked, but Campbell had time to find Cooley.
  • Screen to Cooley for 19 yards. That missed FG is going to cost the Eagles.
  • FG for the Skins, 41-yarder. 14-3 PHI
  • Westbrook is back in.
  • Sav and Demps combine to pin the Skins at the two. Beautiful kick by Sav, the backspin looked like a chip shot on the green.
  • The Eagles finally blitz, Campbell goes down for a big loss. This isn't brain surgery.
  • On 3rd and 11 the Eagles don't blitz, Campbell picks up the first down.
  • The Eagles blitz everyone on 3rd and 6 and force an incompletion. The Skins will attempt a FG after the 2-minute warning. Campbell was 6/7 on the drive.
  • Kick is good from 48. 14-6 PHI
  • This is a very important two-minute drill for the Eagles. They came out on fire and then fizzled. If they don't put points on the board, Washington will go into the half with all the momentum and will have the ball to start the third.
  • The Skins kick the kickoff out of bounds, setting the Eagles up at the 40. First play, illegal snap, 1st and 15. Great start. Batted pass, 2nd and 15. You can't blow this field position.
  • 3 and out, with another penalty. Washington will get the ball back with a little under a minute.
  • Sav and Demps combine again. This time the returner didn't call a fair catch and Demps buried him immediately for no return. Skins ball on the 16.
  • Washington driving, still have a timeout, approaching field goal range.
  • Cooley catches 3 consecutive passes to set up a 50-yard attempt for Suisham with 7 seconds left in the half.
  • He hits it. Unreal. 14-9 PHI
This was a horrible second quarter for the Eagles. They didn't stop the run, they didn't stop the pass, they didn't move the ball. Forget about the 14 points, the Eagles have some serious adjustments to make at the half our this game is going to wind up a loss.

Third Quarter Notes

  • Skins ball to start the third at the 20.
  • Cooley is killing the Birds. 27-yard connection, first down at midfield.
  • The D holds, Bradley stopped Portis on 3rd and about 4.
  • Lewis with a bad drop on first down. Get him off the field please.
  • 3 and out, Rocca boots one all the way to the 25, fair catch. No return. Where would the Eagles be without Rocca?
  • The Skins pick up a blitz on 3rd and 9, Campbell converts. First down on the 42.
  • Now they're just pounding the ball on the ground, and the Eagles can't stop them. Portis goes 21 and then 7.
  • Trick play from Randel-El to Cooley for a TD. Reid wasted a challenge on the play, it'll be 14-16 WAS (after the XP)
  • How about mixing in a screen to Westbrook, a deep ball to DeSean or a pass to LJ over the middle? Those three are your best offensive players and they've barely been involved since the first drive.
  • 3 and out for the Eagles. They look dead in the water. The D is going to need to get a turnover to jumpstart this team.
  • Eagles hold, thanks mostly to an offensive pass interference penalty. Hopefully DeSean gets a chance to return the punt.
  • Eagles ball at the 23. Let's put something together, huh?
  • 3 and out.
  • Booming punt, good return, late hit. The Skins have the ball in Eagles territory. 1st and 10 on the 43. Unreal.
  • It'll be second and goal from about the 3 to open the fourth. I'm not sure it matters if they hold them to a FG at this point, the offense can't do anything.

by Brian on Oct 5 2008
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