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Westbrook0802This time of year it’s easy to forget about football. I know for some that’s hard to fathom, but the pennant races are just kicking into gear, the NBA Summer League is teasing us with meaningless numbers and the NFL draft is a distant memory. The NFL news world has been dominated by Michael Vick, and I’m really sick of hearing about that so here’s something to sink your teeth into, Eagles fans.

Bleed Green from Bleeding Green Nation came up with an idea a couple of weeks ago for an Eagles’ bloggers day at the Eagles training camp at Lehigh University. In a nutshell, on Friday morning my brother and I are going to be making the drive to Lehigh. We’re leaving at an un-Godly hour, and we should be at camp for both sessions (8:15am and 2:45pm). Any readers interested in joining us, and possibly some of the other Eagles bloggers writing about our beloved birds, please feel free.

As an added incentive, the first reader to find me (You’re going to have to be able to recognize me from the picture below) will be the proud winner of a nifty Blogs By Fans hat.

If you’re looking for an Eagles fix immediately, check out this article from ESPN.com. The suits at ESPN put their heads together and came up with a list of 50 current NFL players who could be heading to the Hall of Fame.

They’ve got Dawkins at number 25 and McNabb on the bubble. McNabb is on the bubble while Adrian Peterson, A.J. Hawk, Matt Leinart and Edgerrin James make the list. Ponderous.


Remember, the first reader to find this handsome mug on Friday gets a free hat.

by Brian on Aug 2 2007