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The Eagles take on the Skins later today. I'll be watching, of course, and I'm about 90% sure I'm going to be watching an Eagles win. Why, you ask? Well, there are a couple of reasons, and they mainly have to do with the tortured Eagles' fan base, myself included.

You see, last week's humiliating loss to the Cowboys sent the few optimistic Eagles fans left over the edge. I wrote a couple of posts about how the Birds could claw their way back into contention. I was of the firm belief that they hadn't played that bad. "They could be 6-1," was probably something I said a time or two to friends. The illusion was shattered last week. I've given up hope. This is exactly why the Eagles will win today. They want to suck me back in. They want to make this season excruciatingly tantalizing.

Donovan McNabb will look like an All Pro. Reggie Brown will score a long touchdown. The defense will make Jason Campbell look like a novice (which he is). Heck, they'll probably win by 3 touchdowns. All will seemingly be right in the world for seven days. Then they get an absolute cupcake, the 0-8 Miami Dolphins, at home. The Eagles are destined to be 5-5 when they take on the Patriots. They're destined to restore false hope to the very fans who can't take it anymore. Damn you, Andy Reid. Damn you, Jim Johnson. Damn you, Donovan McNabb. I know you're going to do it, I know I'm going to fall for it, and I know how it's going to end.

Kickoff is 1:00 p.m., I'm going to be watching. I'm going to be screaming at my TV, high-fiving my dog (named Westbrook), dancing with my daughter after every touchdown. I'm going to be doing all of this and praying I'll be able to suspend disbelief, because in the back of my mind, I'm going to know what's coming. F&ck it. Suspending disbelief is what being a fan is all about, LET'S GO BIRDS!!!!!!

I thought this picture of a typical Skins fan might cheer you guys up.

by Brian on Nov 11 2007