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The short answer seems to be yes to Joe Horn, and no to Boldin.

The Falcons cut Joe Horn, who has been trying to find a way out of town all Summer. The question is, would he be an upgrade to what the Eagles currently have. If healthy, I don't think Horn cracks the top three in the WR rotation. He's 36 years-old, he's been hurt the past two season and hasn't caught more than 50 passes since 2004. Still, would it be worth taking a shot on Horn? Probably. Let's face it, Kevin Curtis had a good season last year, but he isn't a number one receiver. Reggie Brown had a good year two years ago, but again, not a number one guy. I love DeSean Jackson, but he's a slot receiver. Beyond those three, the Eagles have nothing at the position. Greg Lewis is still on the roster, for Christ's sake.E

The injury to Reggie Brown probably makes it much more likely that Horn could be given a shot. I wouldn't mind seeing what he has left in the tank, the more weapons in the passing game, the better.

Also, check out this blog post from ESPN. They dub Reggie White the franchise player for the Eagles. It was based on fan voting, but what do you think? Reggie was unbelievable as an Eagle, but he never got to the Super Bowl in Philly, and he played less than half of his professional career for the Eagles (2 years in the USFL, 5 years in Green Bay, 1 year in Carolina, 7 years in Philly).

I grew up watching those Buddy Ryan teams, I fell in love with the team and the sport because of guys like Reggie White, but I can't help but think you have to go with a guy who at least got the team to the Super Bowl. Take this poll again in five years and I think the winner will be Brian Westbrook.
by Brian on Aug 19 2008
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