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The Eagles look to pull themselves out of the 0-2 abyss today against a Lions team that is 2-0. The Eagles are not this bad, the Lions are not this good. Hopefully today each team will return to the norm. I'm going to post my game notes here.

  • The Eagles D forces a three and out, -7 yards for the Detroit offense.
  • No knee brace for McNabb, a big psychological step, and also maybe a stupid one.
  • McNabb completes two passes to Curtis. Reid is sending a message early, to the Lions, to the crowd, and to the Eagles.
  • The Lions D just can't handle Westbrook. I'd hate to be a Lions defender today, this Eagles offense has a chip on its shoulder. 25 Yard touchdown run for #36. (God, these are the ugliest throwbacks I've ever seen). Eagles 7, Lions 0.
  • Uhh, it might be a long day for the Eagles D as well. After stuffing the run on first and second downs, Roy Williams turned a drag route into a 55 yard gain, two plays later Kevin Jones went in for the TD (and did a pitiful Eagles dance, apparently taunting the injured Brian Dawkins). Eagles 7, Lions 7.
  • Big, big third down conversion to Reggie Brown, gain of 19. McNabb also had a nice scramble, and the Eagles called a protected bootleg for McNabb. I love that play.
  • Westbrook is too much. His second TD of the game comes on his 6th carry. (6 carries for 64 yards) Eagles 14, Lions 7.
  • The Lions are running a bunch of screens, Martz is trying to slow down the Eagles pass rush, which is getting to Kitna.
  • Three and out for Detroit. The Lions' receivers have such a physical advantage over the Eagles' secondary, they're going to have to keep putting points on the board.
  • Uhh. That'll do the job. McNabb to Curtis for a 68-yard touchdown. Eagles 21, Detroit 7.
  • Another three and out. Sheldon Brown with some good coverage on Roy Williams.
  • Play action to Westbrook on first down, a 23-yard completion to Curtis. McNabb is now 6/7, Curtis has 5 catches.
  • End of the first: Eagles 21, Lions 7.
  • Another touchdown to Curtis, off play-action. McNabb got drilled late on the play, no flag. Eagles 28, Lions 7.
  • McNabb seems fine, and he wasn't holding his unprotected knee, but his back. (sigh of relief).
  • 2 sacks and an incomplete pass. Another three and out. Jim Johnson is salivating right now, blitzers are coming from all over the field.
  • This is just embarrassing. 43-yard touchdown to a wide-open Kevin Curtis, again, off play-action. 1-play drive, again. Eagles 35, Lions 7.
  • All the Eagles fans who were calling for Kevin Kolb will probably get a chance to see him today.
  • Touchdown drive for the Lions. Calvin Johnson  made the drive with a circus catch against double coverage. Eagles 35, Lions 14.
  • The first sack, and first turnover of the game. McNabb got hit as he threw.
  • 91-yard touchdown to Roy Williams. This game is not over. Eagles 35, Lions 21. If you bet on this game, I hope you took the over.
  • Max Jean-Gilles is in for Andrews at right guard, no word on why.
  • Westbrook just took a screen, behind MJG, for a 43-yard touchdown. He broke 3 or 4 tackles and really turned a 9-yard gain into a 43-yard TD all by himself. Eagles 42, Lions 21.
  • Take a look at these numbers with 1:49 left in the first half:
    • McNabb: 14/15, 332 yards, 4 touchdowns
    • Westbrook: 102 yards rushing, 98 yards receiving, 3 touchdowns
    • Curtis: 9 catches, 205 yards, 3 touchdowns.
  • Andrews came back out of the locker room. His return is questionable, due to an eye injury.
  • Considine with a pretty pick in the end zone.
  • The boo birds are out in response to the Eagles taking a knee on the twenty with 33 seconds left in the half.
  • Sav Rocca gets his first action of the game with 13:00 left in the third quarter. The Eagles open the second half with a three and out.
  • Mike Martz is now trying to ram the ball down the Eagles' throat, just like he did in the NFC Championship against the Eagles so many years ago. Let's see if the new Eagles front seven can stand up to it.
  • Missed field goal for Detroit, after a decent drive down the field.
  • 11-play drive capped off by a Buckhalter TD run. Eagles 49, Lions 21. More importantly, they took about 6 minutes off the clock, and just bullied the Lions D.
  • The Eagles short circuit another Lions drive with a fumble recovery. It's about time to get McNabb out of there, there's no way they're coming back from 28 down at this point.
  • TD for Tony Hunt, after another Kitna fumble. Eagles 56, Lions 21.
  • Kevin Kolb gets sacked on his first NFL snap.
  • On his third play, he was sacked and fumbled. Maybe those fans calling for Kolb to replace McNabb now should reconsider.
  • The Eagles just notched their 9th sack of the game.
  • Much needed win. I'm proud of the Birds today (for the first time this season).
Player of The Game: Donovan McNabb, 21/26, 381 yards, 4 touchdowns, 0 int's, 3 rushes for 7 yards.
by Brian on Sep 23 2007
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