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mcnabb1125.jpgIn what I'm considering a two-fold precautionary move, Donovan McNabb, his injured thumb and ankle, and fragile ego will be taking tonight's game against the Patriots off. It's not that I doubt the severity of the injuries, I'm sure he's hurting, it's just that I think Andy et al weren't exactly pushing number 5 to hurry back and take his beating at the hands of the Pats.

Everyone and their Mother (except uber-commenter JJ, and myself) thinks the Pats are going to absolutely light up the Eagles, may as well let them light up A.J. Feeley and have McNabb come back fully healthy for the final five games of the year. Obviously, this isn't something the team, or any of the players are saying, it's just a gut feeling from me.

From the "just what we needed" category, Quintin Mickell will also miss tonight's game, meaning J.R. Reed will be the starting strong safety. A weakened secondary vs. Brady, Moss, Stallworth and Welker...wonderful.

Maybe that 22-point line wasn't so crazy after all.

One last note: the Eagles are 13-8 without McNabb over his career, including 1-1 in the playoffs. They tend to rely on Westbrook much more for their offense, and actually run the ball. Every single time, they're shocked that running the ball with a huge offensive line and one of the best backs in football is actually a successful philosophy. We'll see how it plays out tonight.
by Brian on Nov 25 2007
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