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Number five is back.If you were a tad worried when the Eagles let Jeff Garcia walk when we didn’t even know if Donovan McNabb would be ready for the season, take a deep breath. If you thought drafting Kevin Kolb with their first pick in the draft was a sign of an undisclosed set back in McNabb’s rehab from the ACL tear that ended his ‘06 season, relax. Number five participated in his first practice today, weeks ahead of schedule.

Of course, there’s another side to this coin. Is McNabb feeling pressure to get back sooner rather than later? Is he coming back too soon? Will this come back to bite him in the ass? Only time will tell, obviously. I’m erring on the positive side, blog names notwithstanding.

Maybe the maelstrom of negativity, questions and innuendo is motiving McNabb to get back on the field. You can’t ignore that possibility. Maybe he’s pushing his rehab a little bit, eager to get back on the field and let everyone know, “Yes, this is my team.”

All of the press coverage could’ve pushed him in the other direction. He could’ve pouted, slacked off and his rehab schedule could’ve slipped. A motivated McNabb is a very good sign for the Eagles heading into the season. I, for one, am looking at the glass half-full.

by Brian on Jun 11 2007