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Sweet beard Donovan. (Photo from ESPN.com)Donovan McNabb gave his first extensive interview since the Eagles drafted Kevin Kolb today on ESPN. You can watch the video of the interview and John Clayton’s analysis here.

There’s nothing shocking about the interview (Other than Donovan’s huge beard). It seems as though he didn’t know the pick was coming, but I doubt Andy Reid knew it was coming. According to most reports, they expected to use their first round pick on a safety, and maybe they were hoping Kolb would drop to them in the second, but I don’t think the plan going into the draft was to get Kolb.

Having Kolb on the roster isn’t going to be an issue this year. Even if McNabb isn’t ready to go at the beginning of the season, it’s not going to be Kolb to fill in. Most likely, it’ll be A.J. Feeley. As Clayton said, this pick only becomes an issue two full seasons down the road, when McNabb is in an option year. If he stays healthy, and productive, between now and then, it’s still his team. If he doesn’t, well Kolb’s there to take over.

Whether McNabb can see this pick for what is, and play without looking over his shoulder, remains to be seen. If you asked me a couple of years ago, I probably would’ve said he’s a professional and it won’t affect him. Now, however, it seems like there are some cracks in the self-confidence department.

McNabb has been attacked, pushed and injured. Like it or not, it’s probably going to take some coddling from Reid to make sure this doesn’t become an issue for number 5.

by Brian on May 8 2007